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‘The hunt is over’
Sin Eater is a 2022 American horror film about an injured woman who becomes stranded in a town with a dark secret.

Written and directed by Carmelo Chimera (Name the Demon; After Masks ‘Past Cure’ segment) from a storyline by Nicholas Chimera and Robert O’Neal. Produced by Carmelo Chimera, Judy Fox, Robert O’Neal and Jason Potter.

The Blood Brothers Productions-Chimera Studios co-production stars Jessie Nerud (She Walks the Woods), Danny Bohnen, Scotty Bohnen, Bill Moseley, Scott Moore and Gretchen Ho.

When a woman on the run from her past suffers a terrifying car crash injury, she becomes stranded in a town with a dark secret. As bizarre phenomena intensify and with no one to trust, she’ll have to face her inner demons before a real one takes her soul…

Our review:
The ignorance and repression that results from religion is often explored in the horror genre. Sin Eater amplifies and explores these themes unsubtly: there are repeated priestly whippings, some dire dialogue and the ranting towards the climax that becomes somewhat laughable.

And yet, this OTT approach is often what makes horror work and distinguishes it from more malleable mainstream cinema. Horror isn’t afraid to go there and confront issues such as gender orientation oppression and small-town conformity.

The plot of Sin Eater is welcomingly weird even if the story arc becomes somewhat predictable. Jessie Nerud is good as the would-be victim of controlling cannibalistic nutters (a spoiler isn’t necessary, the flesh is good for soul theme is telegraphed early on). Sin Eater is no classic but it’s freakily fun stuff that’s worth a look. And after all, “It’s for the greater good.”

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
” …I have to admire the sheer pluck of Jessie Nerud. Putting up with those grotesque choppers throughout the movie can’t have been pleasant and I think many actresses would have passed on blemishing their looks in such a manner. The rest of the cast is adequate rather than good and there’s a lack of decent scares in the film.” Aldiboronti

“While Sin Eater has a very cool trailer and at a glance looks like it would be a decent lower budget horror movie you would be mistaken, it’s not great and not in a cult classic way where it was so bad that it was legendary. Instead, it’s met with a very low-quality storyline, and the script makes everything even worse.” Horror Facts

“I give Carmelo Chimera, along with Nicholas Chimera and Robert O’Neal who provided the original story, credit for coming up with an unusual premise […] But Sin Eater doesn’t have enough effects or action to make up for the predictable plotting. Or an interesting enough concept to overcome the talkiness and lack of action. It’s another film that’s just sort of there, watchable if nothing else is available, but nothing special either.” Voices from the Balcony


Choice dialogue:
“C’mon. My dad always says never let a man drink alone.”

Cast and characters:
Jessie Nerud … Christine
Danny Bohnen … Isaac
Scotty Bohnen … Elijah
Bill Moseley … Father Dunn
Scott Moore … Abraham
Gretchen Ho … Mrs Van Den Berg
Jason Potter … Deputy
Jeremy Cumrine … James
John Crockett … Father
Michelle Holland … Mother
Russell Geoffrey Banks … Professor Carpenter
Fernando San Miguel … Mailman
Gregg S. Perry … Greg
Elise Goodgaine … Hitchhiker
Stacie Chimera … Waitress
Alianna Faith … Abigail

Filming locations:
Denver and Longmont, Colorado


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