DEUS (2022) Reviews of sci-fi mystery thriller plus a clip

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Deus is a 2022 British science fiction mystery thriller film about a strange sphere found in space that emits one word: God. Also known as Deus: The Dark Sphere

Written and directed by Steve Stone (Point of Death aka In ExtremisSchismEntity). Produced by Julian Hicks, Alan Latham, Thomas Mattinson and Kit Monkman.

The movie stars Claudia Black, Lisa Eichhorn, David O’Hara (Cowboys and Aliens), Phil Davis, Crystal Yu, Branko Tomovic, Richard Blackwood, Charlie MacGechan and Sophia Pettit.

Astronauts are sent to investigate when a mysterious dark sphere is discovered orbiting Mars. Waking from an eight-month hibernation aboard their vessel, the Achilles, they discover the sphere is actually a blinding light from which one word is repeatedly transmitted in over four thousand languages: God.

The stunned and frightened crew face a series of bewildering questions. Will their encounter with ‘God’ drag them to the edge of insanity? Will the Achilles’crew be the first humans in history to retrieve proof of God’s existence? If so, what does this mean for science, for them, and for humankind?”


“The film has an incredible premise that carries the movie right to the end, but the character work never really matches the strength of the premise, and so the drama between the cast never reaches its full potential. Some visuals are quite solid, while others just look plain cheap. In the end, the film is quite watchable, but it doesn’t end up being as memorable as it should have been.” 6/10, Fiction Horizon

“The ideas the film wrestles with are more down to Earth than religious, and interesting enough. And the approach to the plot and the production design kind of hold your interest. But the cast seems to have been directed into narcolepsy. There’s nothing here that they’d care to wake up and get us involved with.” 1.5/4, Movie Nation

“While it seems as if writer/director Steve Stone is afraid of deeper philosophical debate about religion and the end of the world, he has created a film full of atmosphere and, although all space films rely on a certain measure of loneliness, the Achilles and its crew provide desolate images. Deus looks good, but it lacks depth.” The Reviews Hub

“I thought this was pretty good, yes it does fill every sci-fi trope going, it was full of holes, there were obvious decisions made to resolve storyline issues in the making of it and the lack of budget was evident, but for someone who appreciates the genre it was worth watching in my view.” 6/10, Simon Wells

Darkland Distribution, an imprint of Parkland Entertainment, released Deus in North America on Digital, VOD and DVD on September 13, 2022. Rent or buy via Amazon Prime

In the UK, Deus will be released in Showcase cinemas from November 4, 2022, and across major digital platforms from November 21.



Cast and characters:
Claudia Black … Karla Grey
Lisa Eichhorn … Mother
David O’Hara … Ulph
Phil Davis … Vance
Crystal Yu … Tez Turreau
Branko Tomovic … Si Rubin
Richard Blackwood … Sen Paul
Charlie MacGechan … Sean Walsh
Sophia Pettit … Jess


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