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‘A dream vacation with time to kill’
6:45 is a 2020 American slasher horror film about a vacationing young couple that find themselves trapped in a cycle of terror.

Produced and directed by Craig Singer (Perkins ’14; Dark Ride) from a screenplay written by Robert Dean Klein.

The movie stars Michael Reed (Brides of Satan; Subferatu; The Haunting of Alice D; The Disco Exorcist), Augie Duke (Exit 0; Clown Fear; Blood Craft; Necropolis: Legion), Armen Garo (The Manor; The Departed), Thomas G. Waites (The Thing; The Warriors), Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, hip-hop DJ The 45 King and Remy Ma.

Bobby (Michael Reed) is hoping a weekend getaway will save his rocky relationship with his girlfriend Jules (Augie Duke). The couple arrives in the quiet island resort of Bog Grove. To their bewilderment, the sleepy beach town is curiously deserted and they quickly learn about the deadly history that’s about to repeat itself.

Bobby’s struggles with Jules are cast aside in order to overcome a dementing cycle of terror they find themselves trapped in. No matter what he does to try to avoid it, he and his girlfriend wake up at 6:45 each morning to the same nightmarish chain of events that lead to them being viciously murdered…

” …6:45 is undeniably haunting, with a resolution that aims to leave the audience a little queasy: not at the violence (after seeing Julie’s throat graphically cut and Bobby’s neck broken multiple times, they should almost be inured to it), but at the stomach-drop that the reveal will induce. 6:45 is a deliberately uncomfortable watch, a loveless romance that’s left to bleed out again and again.” Austin Chronicle

“This film has a great look, a dark journey and no small share of surprises. I was expecting it to not pay off its concept, but it did a great job of landing the plane.” B&S About Movies

“I’ve seen a lot of Groundhog Day-inspired thrillers about being caught in a time loop and 6:45 is, well, one of them […] The movie starts off well enough with a serviceable setup, but questionable chemistry from the two leads, as well as the narrow consequences of their conundrum, creates very little sustainable intrigue.” Culture Crypt

“After a while, it felt like I was being shown pictures and videos from a friend’s killer vacation. They may have made memories that will last a lifetime, but after a while, I was bored and couldn’t wait for it to be over. I mean how many times can you see the same shots of their room, beach, quaint shops, over and over again before you’re bored.” Fears Mag

6:45 is an accomplished terror tale that’s both exciting and unsettling — for that, thank the combined efforts of director Craig Singer and scripter Robert Dean Klein. Klein keeps the specifics vague and only slowly dishes out crucial info — because of this approach, the final reveal will doubtless catch most viewers off guard.” Film Frenzy

“Perhaps sensing things slipping away, Singer’s direction gets more melodramatic, falling back on hallucinations and buckets of blood […] It’s a valiant, if somewhat desperate effort on Singer’s part, and Reed and Duke still deliver. But eventually what had started as a fine, if familiar, story goes flat,” Film Racket

” …the film has one of the sloppiest and most incomprehensible endings I’ve seen in a while. This is really disappointing because up to the last act, it is an interesting and sporadically gripping horror film that explores time as a way to examine bad behavior and its consequences. Not recommended.” Go Fatherhood

6:45 has a well-worn plot, for sure, and there is a general dearth of answers to figure out what’s going on and why. However, once audience members settle into the story, letting Reed and Duke’s acting chops win them over, the movie becomes an engaging commentary on broken romances, the pervasiveness of violence and the inability to escape foregone conclusions.” Hollywood Soapbox

” …it provides a good imitation of a specific (and potentially film-ruining if mentioned) classic horror film ending, it will not satisfy everyone. However, the more I think about how Singer presents his time-looping tale through themes of inescapable cycles of violence, the more I enjoy its nuanced psychology—particularly, the idea that fragile male egos can convince themselves of anything, especially if they’re allowed to spiral through life repeating themselves over and over again.” Horror Obsessive

“When 6:45 develops a fleeting, manic energy, the movie is at its finest. Weird aspects Larry uncovered become significant, like a hair on the soap bar […] 6:45 is mainly just repetitive and structurally exhausting. It offers fleeting moments of entertainment, yet it will be hollow for those craving a tighter narrative.” Josh at the Movies

“The performances by Michael Reed and Augue Duke are pretty solid and convincingly moving during the more emotional scenes when their characters argues and face their past trauma. At an ideal running time of 1 hour and 33 minutes that never becomes exhausting, 6:45 is a gripping, suspenseful and chilling psychological thriller.” The NYC Movie Guru

“The sense of threat is well realised throughout with the presence of the hooded figure never far from the couple in a development that prompts the viewer to continuously search the frame […] An impactful study of a tense relationship, supported by dedicated performances that allow the narrative to explore much darker themes and stand out more as a result.” 3.5/4 Scared Sheepless

6:45 will be released on Digital, Blu-ray and DVD by Well Go USA on March 22nd 2022. Rent or buy Digital Download via Amazon Prime

Cast and characters:
Augie Duke … Jules Rable
Thomas G. Waites … Larry
Remy Ma … Cassi
Armen Garo … Gene Pratt
Sasha K. Gordon … Brooklyn / Rose
Allie Marshall … Pearl
Sabina Friedman-Seitz … Shelly / Ashley
Michael Reed … Bobby Patterson
Leonardo Mancini … Detective Landon
John Earp … Different Gene
Joshua Matthew Smith … Shadow Figure
Roy DiMaggio … Bar Extra
Ray Mancini … Detective Presley

Technical details:
1 hour 33 minutes

We first posted about 6:45 on June 1st 2020 and have reposted it to tie in with the Well Go Entertainment release.

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