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Junkrat Train is a 2021 Chinese action-horror film about a passenger train that is attacked by hundreds of marauding rats. Also known as Rat Disaster and Rat Train.

Directed by Lin Zhenzhao (Restart the Earth; Snakes 3: Dinosaur vs. Python; The Enchanting Phantom; Snakes 2; Monkey King: The Volcano; Snakes; Pen Fairy vs. Sadako), the movie stars Xia Yiyi, Yu Zhaode, Chu Yuga and Juya.

A Chinese Department of Health junior clerk Su Zhenghuai (Yu Zhaode) is with his eldest daughter Su Wei (Xia Yiyi) and son Su Yuexuan (Chu Yuga) are on their way to visit relatives in the provincial city when they meet the long-lost second daughter Su Ling (Juya).

Unfortunately, the train is attacked by rats. Su Yuexuan is bitten by a rat and goes into a coma. In order to save his young son and many bitten passengers, Su Zhenghuai and Su Wei decide to make the dangerous venture to Xiaobaihe Hospital to get medicine…

Our view:
Despite occasionally weak CGI and some typically inappropriate Communist propaganda, Junkrat Train contains enough action suspense and tension to warrant a look. Recommended for trash cinema aficionados in a forgiving mood. Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
“Despite the lack of originality and several holes in the script regarding the actions and motivations of the characters, the film is quite entertaining and seems to be made with more love and skill than other similar exploitations such as the typical SyFy Z series. and the like. It is worth spending time watching it.” Cinefantastico [translated from Spanish]

“The focus splits between those who go on the hunt for medicine, and those who stay behind on the train. The latter is the real problem, adding little to proceedings except for extended scenes of bickering. The stuff in the rat-occupied town is better, even if the lack of logic persists e.g. rats can climb, only when necessary to the plot, and in particular only to reach supporting characters.” B- Film Blitz

“Like most Chinese films, Junkrat Train suffers from very inconsistent, and frequently subpar CGI. Some of the scenes of packs of rats in the city streets work, but for the most part, the effects just don’t work. The explosion near the film’s end is particularly awful […] If you can deal with that and some preachy moments from the script Junkrat Train will kill ninety minutes reasonably well.” Voices from the Balcony

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

The movie was released in China on January 7th 2021. It can be watched free online via the iQIYI website.

Original title:
狂鼠列车 “Junkrat Train”

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