IF SHE SCREAMS (2021) Reviews of backwoods horror

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If She Screams is a 2021 American mystery horror film about four young friends that take a trip into the backwoods and regret it.

Directed by Stephen Garnett from a screenplay by Judah Ray.

The A-Level Pictures-Noah Collective production stars Romy DeNeiro, Desma Triplett, Shelby Lyn, Fabiola Zayas and Matt Gorkis.


Kassi’s friend takes her to a remote farm, up in the hills of Northern California, but when all hell breaks loose, she will be put through a gauntlet of terror and fight to make it off the mountain alive…


“This is a fine movie but never goes fully into the muck of a woman seeking revenge film. Maybe we’ve evolved past that, but we should still strive to entertain.” B&S About Movies

“The dialogue, the performances, and the dose of feeble feminism were all packaged with a level of camp, though neither a wink nor a nudge was detected. The disjointed, albeit ambitious, script didn’t call for a ton of depth among characters but instead focused its efforts upon the mythologizing of this wonderfully wicked creature, which single-handedly kept the energy and excitement of this film up.” Film Cred

“The film includes flashbacks to a few centuries earlier to the cause of the curse that haunts the mountain. One girl reminded me of Sheri Moon Zombie. Mostly is a bunch of exposed cleavage running through the woods. The storyline wasn’t that great. Never got to know the characters, most on screen for one scene.” No God No Masters

“The film has some good gore scenes, and all the women are extremely attractive. And at a little less than 90 minutes, it never overstays its welcome. It betrays its low budget often (some sound issues, and let’s just say the flashbacks to the 1800s probably shouldn’t have been films outside where you can see modern things), but overall not a terrible way to spend some time.” Steve Singer

Cast and characters:

Romy DeNeiro … Kassi
Desma Triplett … Christiana
Shelby Lyn … Marissa
Fabiola Zayas … Sarah
Matt Gorkis … Sasha
Anna Chazelle … Eve
Michael Keyes … Tim
T.K. Richardson … Chuck (as Terrance K. Richardson)
Audrey Neal … Becca
Jessica Vargas … Lillith
Phil DiGennaro … Yury
Bryant Wood … Thomas
Michael Ursu … Chuck
Rocco Bovo … James
Judah Ray … Henchman

Filming locations:

Downtown, Los Angeles, California
Hollywood, California
Lake Hughes, California


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