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‘At all costs, protect your soul’

Deep Hatred is a 2022 horror film about a young woman that returns to her countryside family home only to discover dark secrets.

Co-directed by Daniela Carvalho and co-producer Ale McHaddo (Osmar, the First Slice of the Loaf: The Movie; GadgetGang in Outer Space) from a screenplay written by the latter and Fernando Alonso. Also produced by Fernando Alonso, Nelson Botter Jr, Guilherme Machado and Phil Miller.

The Brazilian 44 Filmes-Iron Chest Films-Tortuga Studios production stars Sara Drust (Taught in Cold Blood), Evan Judson, Jeremy Sless, Marcella Marques, Roseli Silva and Phil Miler.

Cindy (Sara Drust) returns to her family home after the death of her father to settle some disputes. Seeking comfort, she is joined by her boyfriend and friends, however, she soon discovers that the house hides a terrible secret, one that will put them all in danger…

Our review:
Whilst it’s never completely successful as a horror movie and has a very familiar generic plotline Deep Hatred offers enough elements of intriguing mystery, a few creepy moments of glimpsed (spectral?) figures and even a couple of weak jump scares to probably keep most of its intended audience mildly engaged.

Brazilian filmmakers Daniela Carvalho and Ale McHaddo attempt to mask the film’s South American origins enough to probably convince many casual viewers that the film was made in the USA, by the use of three Yankee leads and a growling 70s Ford Mustang. It’s only sultry Marcella Marques’ accent, the hacienda setting and the obviously dubbed supporting cast that gives the game away.

Still, there’s just enough here to warrant a watch, and Deep Hatred is paced well with a wisely chosen running time of just 74 minutes to avoid distractions. It’s probably not a spoiler to say that there’s a twist because let’s face it, this is almost de rigueur in modern horror. But at least the twist in Deep Hatred is acceptable, although still a little iffy, and not the kind of nonsensical contrivance that induces groans of incredulity that if often offered up by filmmakers that have run out of ideas (the recent Reed’s Point is a particular example).

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“Acting, writing, storytelling, directing, are all decent enough to keep watchers going until the end. The eye-appealing cinematography and well-produced soundtrack take the cake. Not particularly scary by any right, but it contains some slow-burning suspense.” Mfnmbvp

Deep Hatred will be released in the US and Canada on Digital and On-Demand (VOD) by Trinity Creative Partnership on March 22, 2022. Rent or buy via Amazon Prime

Meanwhile, the film will be released in the UK by 101 Films on a date to be announced.



Cast and characters:
Sara Drust … Cindy
Jeremy Sless … Mark
Evan Judson … Nate/Nathan
Marcella Marques … Jen/Jennifer
Roseli Silva … Beth
Phil Miler … Adam
Bruno Buaiz … The Drowned
Ripa Homuth … Robert
Nelson Botter Jr … William
Guilherme Machado … First Priest
Fernando Alonso … Second Priest

Technical details:
1 hour 14 minutes


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