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‘The party was great on…’
Girls Nite Out is a 1982 American slasher film about college girls stalked by a killer in a bear mascot costume on a scavenger hunt.

The movie received a test-run theatrical release under its original title, The Scaremaker, in June 1982, before being subsequently released under the title Girls Nite Out in 1984.

Directed by Robert Deubel from a screenplay co-written by Gil Spencer Jr, Kevin Kurgis, Joe Bolster and producer Anthony N. Gurvis.

The movie stars Julia Montgomery, Suzanne Barnes, Rutanya Alda and Hal Holbrook (Creepshow; Graduation Day).


“The kills come at a brisk enough pace, there’s a bunch of different characters and their behavior is so wacky that it’s hard not to be entertained.  Sadly though there’s zero nudity or overly gruesome kills.  Most of the violence is suggested or done completely off-screen. Another bizarre touch (besides the bear suit) is the addition of Hal Holbrook who has pretty much zero interaction with the cast.” Happyotter

“…there are so many better slasher films, but, if you, like me, love the genre, and are willing to overlook its shortcomings, or revel in them, there is a good time to be had here. Of note, I particularly enjoyed the quirky 80s humor of the film. See Girls Nite Out for the killer in a bear suit and the twist at the end, by far the two best elements of this film.” McBastard’s Mausoleum

“The gimmick of the killer being in a bear suit makes it stand out a little, but obviously not that much. After all, they wouldn’t have rebranded the film and held it for two years if it did! The big problem is that the characters really aren’t that interesting or likable. Our Lead is juggling two women and never has a real moment of comeuppance for it.” Mondo Bizarro

“If you’re up for a good mystery with average execution, this one is a must-see. Sort of ridiculous and a bit tame, Nite still keeps up with the batch of fun-filled stalk films from an inventive era.” Oh, the Horror!

“The kills are bloody – not really graphic – but intensive and freaky. The final revelation of the killer is quite eerie also, but the twist is also quite boring and prejudiced and we’ve seen it many times before, even today […] It’s just… often very stupid. Many of the actors don’t seem to be there if you understand what I mean.” Schmollywood Babylon

“Director Robert Duebel handles the fairly large cast with finesse. The novelty of the killer wearing a bear costume, silly as it sounds on paper, is actually more fun than it should be […] if you desire an animated cast and kickass pop soundtrack, you get it here […] C’mon, you know this movie puts a smile on your face…” The Terror Trap


Girls Nite Out is a slow, muddled flick with no real conscious direction to it. The slashing part is well done and the bear is, if nothing else, different. But with so much time spent on the dull lives of the students, there’s next to no payoff for most of them […] it tries hard and looks good but fizzles out in a confusion of genre priorities.” Vegan Voorhees

“It’s hard to take the killer seriously in that goddamn bear suit […] director Robert Deubel has absolutely no idea how to stage death scenes […] and the acting by the mostly inexperienced cast is better left unmentioned. And what kind of slasher movie is this as there’s absolutely no nudity and merely a few splashes of red paint looking blood on hand?” The Video Graveyard


Blu-ray release:

On May 16th 2022, Arrow Video released Girls Night Out on Blu-ray.

Brand new 2K restoration from 35mm vault elements
High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation
Original uncompressed mono audio
Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
Brand new audio commentary with genre film critic/author Justin Kerswell and film historian/author Amanda Reyes
Staying Alive – a brand new video interview with actress Julia Montgomery
A Savage Mauling – a brand new video interview with actress Laura Summer
Alone in the Dark – a brand new video interview with actress Lois Robbins
It Was a Party! – a brand new video interview with actor Paul Christie
Love & Death – a brand new video interview with actors Lauren-Marie Taylor and John Didrichsen
Archival video interview with actress Julia Montgomery
Archival audio interview with actress Rutanya Alda
The Scaremaker Alternate Title Card
Original Trailers
Reversible sleeve featuring original artwork and newly-commissioned artwork by Justin Osbourn
Illustrated collector’s booklet featuring new writing on the film by Michael Gingold – first pressing only

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