COLD WIND BLOWING (2022) Reviews and overview

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Cold Wind Blowing is a 2022 released Canadian horror in which a weekend getaway turns into a living nightmare for a group of friends.

Written and directed by Dionne Copland (shorts: Inferno; House That Kills People; Hide).

The Turner Stewart produced movie stars Larry Fessenden, Nalani Wakita, Griffin Cork and Alexander Lowe.

” …elements come to a frothy, bloody boil in the film’s final act, however, and makes it all make sense. I’m not saying who it is, you’ll have to see Cold Wind Blowing to find out for yrself, but seeing a character you’ve spent a long time relating to, caring about, and being a generally good person, bleed out, it leaves a mark. Cold Wind Blowing is an impressive debut.” Forest Punk

” …the Christmas lights and the piled-up snow create a really beautiful on-screen atmosphere. The cinematography is original and interesting but not distracting from the plot or performances. The semi-found-footage style of follow-shots of the attacks are just disorienting enough to be spooky without nauseating the viewer…” Killer Horror Critic

“The film keeps you engaged from beginning to end, whether it comes from watching the characters’ interactions with each other or the intensity of the monster attacks. Cold Wind Blowing is a fantastical, delightful horror film that keeps you on the edge of your seat, such a very pleasant surprise.” Pop Horror

“It merges eerie folklore with unhinged psychology to conjure a creature that might just be an imagined externalisation of a young woman’s mental breakdown as, one way or another, she ultimately leaves behind those whom she perceives as only ever taking from her […] It is hard, in the end, to say what really went down in the febrile atmosphere of that snowbound cabin…” Projected Figures

” …there’s even enough material that, should it have been elaborated upon, could’ve at least given rise to a fairly passable 90-minute movie. But a near two-hour attempt is a fatal mistake that will prevent some from ever making it to the intended scary bits, let alone the final credits.” Rue Morgue

“…what we see of the creature is an interesting design, the way the film isolates the characters is clever (it clearly takes place at a time before cell phones), and there’s a way the creature seems to operate to get into the heads of the characters that is different and results in a scene or two of moderate tension. Otherwise, there is not a lot to like in this film…” Sonic Cinema

“This movie took a twist I didn’t expect. Most movies with a group of young adults in a cabin normally leads to the death of all except one. This film also had some amazing visuals and brought a crisp and warm feel that a Christmas time horror film should have. Some the acting in this film could’ve been better but for the most part everyone delivered.” Victims & Villains

Cold Wind Blowing does have quite a bit going for it once it actually gets going. Copland has an eye for creepy and disturbing visuals. Some of them are neatly hidden in the background adding a disturbing feel even if you only subconsciously notice it. There’s also an unexpected, but logical ending that caught me off guard…” 2.5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

” …the film often feels like a drama that happens to have horror elements rather than a full-fledged horror film. By my estimation, it was almost an hour watching the group members be mean to each other before the first real scare attempt occurred. Once the supernatural terror kicks in, though, Copland and her game cast deliver an exciting third act of scare-fare thrills.” When It Was Cool

Cast and characters:
Larry Fessenden … The Wolf
Nalani Wakita … Samantha Becker
Griffin Cork … Nick Holden
Alexander Lowe … Max Loomis
M.J. Kehler … Casey Cooper
Angela Way … Nomi Fox
Dallas Basso … Hank ‘The Tank’
Gwen Basso … Gwen
Cameron Petersen … Thomas Fox
Greg Tysseland … Ray

The film was shot in 2019 and we initially profiled it then before the first festivals reviews appeared.


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