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‘The food chain just got flipped.’
Bait aka Bait 3D is a 2012 Australian action horror film about tsunami survivors trapped in a semi-flooded supermarket and parking lot with hungry sharks.

Directed by Kimble Rendall (Cut) from a screenplay written by John Kim and Russell Mulcahy, with additional writing by Shayne Armstrong, Duncan Kennedy, Shane Krause and Justin Monjo.

The movie stars Sharni Vinson, Xavier Samuel and Julian McMahon.

“The scene where the tsunami crashes onto the beach isn’t the least bit convincing, and some of the shark attacks result in a cloud of computer-generated blood that’s equally as unimpressive. Luckily, Bait is able to overcome these issues, weaving an intense tale of survival around an interesting concept, and doing some pretty nifty things with it in the process.” 2,500 Movies Challenge

“Taking “snakes on a plane” or “sharks in a supermarket” seriously is funnier than playing it for laughs. And if you take even the craziest concept seriously, you wind up with an audience who gets involved anyway.” Crave On Line

“Watchable but stupid (there’s a cop and two other guys with guns–no one ever tries shooting the shark?) and kinda boring, Bait is still better than the useless Shark Night…” Good Efficient Butchery

” …the movie never plants its tongue firmly enough in its cheek to have much fun with the mayhem. While it’s a vast improvement on last year’s atrocious 3D Jaws wannabe, Shark Night, and less formulaic than the recent Piranha spawn, Bait is a missed opportunity.” Hollywood Reporter

” …Bait is a lot of fun and a lot of entertainment even though at times some of that entertainment comes from some seriously corny elements. In truth for all the corny aspects, there is also some cleverness to it which makes it a lot more interesting although quite gory as well.” The Movie Scene

“The film takes itself far too seriously for such an outrageous premise and the awful CG effects fall well short of the film-maker’s lofty ambitions. Released in 3D in Australia but straight to video in most markets, it’s a slightly more professional alternative to a SyFy original.” The Movie Waffler

“There are some very gory CGI effects, but also some that are in the SyFy level of naffness. All is not lost though; as, when not required to perform somersaults, the sharks are animatronic, and as such much more believable as a threat. The actors are more than serviceable, but the hackneyed subplots of family squabbles and love and forgiveness tend to get in the way of the action.” Starburst

“Horror geeks will delight in some of the inspired gore, while B-movie fans will dig one character’s hilarious “plan” to turn the electricity off. Yes, the picture could use less straight-faced drama, because when it does loosen the reigns, the flick is a whole lot of fun.” TV Guide

” …if Snakes on a Plane was awesome, then Sharks in a Supermarket should’ve been gangbusters. Unfortunately, the flick is undone by some flat characters, clumsy plotting, and shady CGI effects. (The CGI shark is OK, the CGI blood is bad, and the CGI waves are even worse.) The Video Vacuum

“Thanks to some cheeky horror charm and a tight focus on popcorn entertainment, Bait avoids being just another shark-filled thriller. So many films evoke flawed thinking that assumes anything involving sharks immediately amps up terrifying intensity, but Rendall does all he can to solidify such a feeling, refusing to produce another puffy genre piece.” We Got This Covered

Bait 3D shark horror

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Cast and characters:
Richard Brancatisano … Rory
Xavier Samuel … Josh
Chris Betts … Lockie
Sharni Vinson … Tina
Simon Edds … Lifeguard
Miranda Deakin … TV Reporter
Julian McMahon … Doyle
Dan Wyllie … Kirby
Alice Parkinson … Naomi
Phoebe Tonkin … Jaime
Damien Garvey … Colins
Lincoln Lewis … Kyle
Cariba Heine … Heather
Alex Russell … Ryan
Adrian Pang … Jessup
Yuwu Qi … Steven
Martin Sacks … Todd
Rhiannon Dannielle Pettett … Assistant Manager
Skye Fellman … Young Girl
Nicholas McCallum … Oceania Store Owner

Technical details:
1 hour 33 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1

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