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‘Death is in their genes’

Blood Hunters is a 2016 Canadian horror film about a single mother who wakes up – pregnant – in a medical facility where everyone is dead.

Directed by Tricia Lee (Silent Retreat; Clean Break) from a screenplay by Corey Brown.

The Film Monkey Production stars Lara Gilchrist (Supernatural; Bates Motel), Benjamin Arthur, Torri Higginson (Rats), Mark Taylor, Julian Richings, Samuel Faraci, Peter Blankenstein and Leah Doz.

Plot synopsis:
A single mother wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she’s nine months pregnant. As she struggles to escape she discovers the facility’s secret, they’ve tampered with the boundaries of death and brought people back to life, but those who’ve returned, have not returned alone…


“The film is very much a dramatic horror feature, where the focus is on dialogue and drawn-out, sappy exchanges. Action elements are very limited and so are conflicted interactions. Strangely, many of the creatures, in the film, just mope about darkened hallways. They show very little killer instinct.” 6/10 28 Days Later Analysis

“Obviously very low budget, and with a plot that tries to touch on both religion and science, mortality and life after death, its reach is probably just a bit too ambitious for what should essentially be a bit of pulpy action fun.” House of Mortal Cinema

“When used, the gore is brutal, one scene especially stands out and involves potentially the most realistic re-enactment of cauterising a wound seen on-screen before. Seriously, it’s eye-wateringly painful. A strong idea backed up with strong visual style, Blood Hunters is a genre fan’s dream, or more aptly, nightmare come true.” The Hollywood News

“It’s an effective, familiar suspense-horror item with panicky, at-odds characters either trying to survive or working to bring about an apocalypse – among the gross-outs are a kitchen cauterisation of George’s wrist-stump which requires icky use of a spatula, while nervy sequences depend on flickering, guttering lights which encourage the monsters to get bolder.”  The Kim Newman Web Site

“The special effects belie their indie budget and the bleak location of the labyrinthine facility is well utilised. There is some substance to Blood Hunters as well as style, presenting us with some sympathetic characters that we can root for. The film also touches on notions of guilt, self-loathing, comradeship in adversity and sacrifice, among the various characters.” 3.5/5 The Movie Waffler 

“The filmmakers […] indulge in debates between scientists and a priest in Blood Hunters, but Tricia Lee would much rather spook you with freaky visuals this time around. Blood Hunters’ may feel recycled (the “wake up in a strange place” premise is due for a break), but this humble horror does the trick.” Wylie Writes

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Filming Locations:
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Original title:
One Drop

Blood Hunters has its world premiere in London on 29 August 2016 at the Horror Channel FrightFest.



Full film free to watch online:

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