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‘What doesn’t kill you… won’t stop trying…’
Faye is a 2021 American horror film about a grieving young female author who goes to a remote cabin and discovers something sinister.

Directed and produced by Kd Amond (The Unraveling; What Would Dolly Do? The Big Short; Five Women in the End) from a screenplay co-written with co-producer Sarah Zanotti (Rattled; Archaon: The Halloween Summoning) who is also the sole featured actor. Also produced by Sara De La Haya and Nichole Marie Lim.

Still grieving the loss of her husband, self-help author, Faye L. Ryan (Sarah Zanotti) retreats to a remote cabin in Louisiana to gather her thoughts and work on her book. However, her trip becomes harrowing when she is haunted by something far more sinister than her past…


Faye is frightening, funny, and moving; it is a stellar indie film, a perfect example of the magic that the DIY ‘a few friends and a camera’ school of filmmaking can achieve […] It is a journey through the five stages of grief that shows just how monstrous our own minds can be. It is an indictment of social media, exposing the gulf between who we are and who we pretend to be.” Daily Grindhouse

“Carried by Zanotti’s immense performance, Faye transforms from the average psychological thriller into a painful, arduous, and profound exploration of grief by those left behind.” Elements of Madness


Faye might fall under the “horror” label for a section of the audience. But it clearly is a character study that deals with grief and tries to represent on screen the hardships that come when trying to overcome a great tragedy. It is a film with ambition, and that is to be applauded, but the shortcomings of the film drag it to a place where it becomes almost unwatchable.” 2/10 Fiction Horizon

Faye is a captivating look at what grief can do to people. While its message has been explored before, Amond and Zanotti find new, engaging ways to bring these themes to life. Crucially, Zanotti gives a fearless, fierce performance that is scary, sweet, vulnerable, and angry all at once.” 8.5/10 Film Threat

“As a horror film, Faye delivers the goods with gusto, panache, and style; however, what lifts this film from being just another haunted cabin move is its sympathetic handling of the concept of grief, regret and self-hate. Faye is a film that shatters the conception that horror films have nothing real to say.” Ginger Nuts of Horror

“The entire film revolves around Zanotti’s performance and being the only actor in the movie, it’s safe to say that the movie could have failed in lesser hands, but Zanotti turns in a riveting performance that’s both fierce and heart-wrenching. She, along with the great camerawork and creepy, confined atmosphere, convinces the viewer to buy into this story.” Katie at the Movies

“Coming in at around ninety minutes, the film does a remarkable job of bonding us to Faye before peeling back the circumstances that have led her to where we find her. To do so in such a punchy and tight runtime is to director Kd Amond’s credit. Filmed on an iPhone, the film looks terrific.” The London Horror Society

“As we listen to Faye (ironically, a self-help author) talking herself though the stages of grief, her sanity goes on a roller coaster and Faye takes on the look and feel of a horror movie. That idea, the exquisite editing and Zanotti’s’s performance makes spending 83 minutes with a neurotic woman eminently watchable.” The Movie Gourmet

“My complaint with Faye is that it lacks structure. There were moments that dragged on a little too long; there were times they failed to get the story across. At the end of the day, with it being a one-woman show, Zanotti gives such a powerful performance. It will stick with me for months to go come.” Nashville Noise


In the US and Canada, Faye was released on demand (VOD) and on Digital by the ShineHouse Group on May 10, 2022.
In the UK, Faye was released on Digital platforms by Reel 2 Reel Films on May 9, 2022.

Technical details:
1 hour 23 minutes


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