DEAD BY MIDNIGHT (Y2KILL) (2022) Reviews of horror anthology



Dead by Midnight (Y2Kill) is a 2022 American anthology comedy horror film with five new tales of horror, from the gruesome to the absurd (and sometimes, a little of both).

The film is a follow-up to the 2018 anthology movie Dead By Midnight (11 pm Central), in which the crew of a local TV station begin disappearing on Halloween night, only to reappear in the short films as fictional characters.

The production stars Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th‘s ‘Jason’), Bill Moseley (Halloween), Linnea Quigley (The Return of the Living Dead), Hannah Fierman and Erin Brown.

Directed by:
Davi Crimmins … (“Halloween Candy”)
Eric Davis … (“Heroes of Time”)
Hannah Fierman … (“Hellevangelist”)
Greg Garrison … (“Temptress Monologues”)
Melissa Haas … (“Cassie Commercial”)
Torey Haas … (“Jasper”)
Jay Holloway … (“GutCruncher”)
Jenna Kanell … (“Mayoral Bloodsucker: A Political Ad”)
Anissa Matlock … (“Clean UR Room”)
Tony Reames … (“Murderol”)

Written by:
Davi Crimmins … (“Halloween Candy”)
Jacklyn Edney … (“Clean UR Room”)
Hannah Fierman … (“Hellevangelist”)
Greg Garrison … (“Wraparound”)
Melissa Haas … (“Cassie Commercial”)
Melissa Haas … (“Jasper”)
Jay Holloway … (“GutCruncher”)
Todd Jacobs … (“Mayoral Bloodsucker: A Political Ad”)
Jenna Kanell … (“Mayoral Bloodsucker: A Political Ad”)
Josh Wilcox … (“Hellevangelist”)


Fans of really cheesy comedy will probably get a kick out of this horror anthology and the generally amusing ads that are interspersed with the five short tales, especially Kane Hodder’s Murderol one and the Bag of Dicks. Yep, the humour is that subtle. The movie even mocks itself for too many prick jokes!

Aside from the partly animated Jasper the killer cat episode, most of the others go on too long, especially ‘Heroes of Time’ which is a tedious VR fantasy with a social message attached. The last vignette, GutCruncher, is just juvenile and while it may have been entertaining for a few minutes it just grinds on. It’s a shame the individual scripts aren’t smarter and more concise as the cast is clearly game and the production values and effects throughout are generally impressive. A tighter edit overall would have made for a more enjoyable movie.

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Indican Pictures is distributing Dead by Midnight (Y2Kill) on a date to be announced soon.

Cast and characters:
Kane Hodder … Kane Hodder
Bill Moseley … Jasper
Erin Brown … The Mistress of Midnight
Hannah Fierman … The Temptress of Terror
Chris Gore … That Chris Gore
William Tokarsky … Wilfred
Hannah Alline … Jerri Dandridge
Derek Russo … Snacks
April Billingsley … Receptionist
Sara Mornell … Wendy Walsh
Haley Leary … Pam
Seth Michaels … Televangelist Sethery Michaelson
Melissa Haas … Julia Walters
Daniel Rashid … Trevor Walsh
Anissa Matlock … Granddaughter
Davi Crimmins … Spokeswoman (Halloween Candy)
Tommy Grillo … Coach Tanglewood
Sara Sometti Michaels … Reporter
Dajour Ashwood … Jack Lynn
Christian Blaque Meier … Grandson
Alexa Rachelle Jennings … Jacklynn
Marvin Leon … Brian Alymer
Kyle Findley … Jeffrey Bradley


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