DRACULA IN LOVE (2018) Review and overview


Dracula in Love is a 2018 Canadian Canadian supernatural horror film written and directed by Izidore K. Musallam (second assistant director on David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers)

The Hand ‘n’ Hand Films production stars Youssef Abedalnour, Amy Cruickshank, Josh Maltin and Cailey Muise.

Leila, a lonely young soul spends the night partying with her friends Nancy, David and Nash in a warehouse.

As the boys drink up and smoke pot all social barriers crumble. Leila, hit on by both men, hides away from them. Alone she senses there is someone else who wants her and certainly he is not of this world.

Two hundred-year-old Dracula escapes from a crate and reveals himself to Leila and tells her that she is his lost love. For him to live again and be with her, she must bring him the blood of her friends to drink. Hypnotised by his powers, Leila does as she is told…

“Director-writer Izidore K. Musallam fills the film with inconsequential chat, and some musings on love that feel beside the point since all the characters are uniquely unloveable. It avoids anything like action […] The young men are interchangeable planks in a building full of stacks of wood, while the women are at least distinguishable – one blonde, the other dark.” The Kim Newman Web Site

Cast and characters:
Youssef Abed-Alnour … Dracula
Amy Cruichshank … Nancy
Josh Maltin … David
Cailey Muise … Leila
Andre Luis Oliveira … Young Dracula
Alan K. Sapp … Stuart
Eyal Simko … Nash

Dracula in Love was initially distributed by FlixHouse Global and is available uncut via Amazon Instant Video

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