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Medieval is a 2022 epic action drama film about 15th-century warlord Jan Žižka who defeated the Teutonic Order and the Holy Roman Empire.

Written and directed by Petr Jákl (Ghoul; Akte Kajínek) from a story by Petr Jakl Sr. and Kevin Bernhardt.

The Czech production stars Ben Foster, Sophie Lowe, Michael Caine, Til Schweiger, Roland Møller, Matthew Goode, William Moseley, Karel Roden and Werner Daehn.

Inspired by the true story of Jan Žižka, one of history’s greatest warriors. After the death of its reigning emperor, the Holy Roman Empire plummets into chaos while feuding brothers King Wenceslas of Czech and King Sigismund of Hungary battled for control of the empty throne.


Daring and righteous mercenary leader Jan Žižka (Ben Foster) is soon hired by Lord Boresh (Michael Caine) to kidnap the powerful Lord Rosenberg’s (Til Schweiger) fiancée, Lady Katherine (Sophie Lowe), to prevent Rosenberg’s rise to power alongside the corrupt King Sigismund.

Jan believes that kings are the right hand of God and should be respected and obeyed, no matter what. As Katherine becomes caught in a dangerous political game between the monarchs, Jan falls in love with her strong spirit and dedication to saving the people…


” …even if Medieval occasionally succumbs to its worst biopic influences, it’s still a delightfully confident work from a filmmaking team that knows its way around a sword. In the film’s climax, a character pauses outside a castle door, flinging it open to reveal a chaotic battle raging along the keep’s walls. It’s the kind of shot many big-budget franchises would kill to execute; in Medieval, it’s just one of several top-notch fight sequences.” 3.5 out of 5, The Austin Chronicle

” …Jákl’s film is precisely as generic as its title would suggest, and what little there is to recommend is buried under a mountain of tedium. The Czech Republic’s big swing at blockbuster filmmaking falls well short of its ambitions, taking what might have been a brutal lesson in European history and reducing it to a half-baked morass of hollow tropes and dull plotting.” AV Club

Medieval is a movie that lives up to the great historical epics of the past. Jákl has combined a great cast with Foster in the lead role with fantastic action and bloody violence. The look of the film rivals any in the past, with the characters looking the parts they play to a tee.” 4 out of 5, Disappointment Media


” …the story itself is all but convincing, it’s not captivating its audience and keeping them engaged throughout what is happening. The bright side of Medieval though, is the action set pieces. While they are loud and plentiful they are one of the movies saving graces. There is so much wonderful action and gore and violence that makes this, even if the story is completely uncompelling, at least engaging to watch.” Eye Crave Network

” …a good portion of this 2+ hour running time is dedicated to barbaric action sequences. While they contain far too many jump cuts muddling what’s happening, it is nonetheless engaging to watch, considering the number of maimings and gory decapitations. There is a degree of authenticity to the pleasant savagery…” Flickering Myth

” …Medieval is worth a look and almost entertaining enough to get by. But what it’s “getting by” isn’t just corny tropes of films of the period, but way too much historical clutter and intrigues — almost Byzantine in their twisty complexity — to let this action picture every break free of the muck it’s stuck in too much of the time.” Movie Nation

“Though only partway though his life’s journey, this Jan Zizka is already presented in terse, steely, iconic terms that might’ve been better served by an actor with more innate charisma — Foster’s significant acting chops are wasted on a heroic cipher, his competent performance somewhat overshadowed by supporting players.” Variety

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