SLAUGHTER BEACH (2022) Reviews of slasher horror comedy – with trailer



‘Don’t scream… you’ll scare the fish away!’
Slaughter Beach is a 2022 American comedy slasher horror film about two wannabe heroes who become vigilantes to track down a serial killer who is terrorising their coastal town.

Written, co-produced and directed by Daniel C. Davis. Also produced by Jim Cannatelli and James Brett Taylor.

The Clockout Films production stars Jon McKoy, Ethan Han, Jim Cannatelli and Michelle Quenzel.


“Like most low-budget productions, there is an uneven nature to the film, but overall, it manages to create a fun throwback to the horror movies it parodies. Of course, most of those films were played seriously while Davis’ film never rises above B-movie campiness, but it does contain some scenes of violence alongside cheesy humour and one scene of gratuitous nudity.” Screen Critix

“There are quite a lot of killings in this film and they are simultaneously brutal and comedic. There is plenty of blood and dismemberment and the violence is over-the-top. The goofy acting by the killer and the victims make the murders darkly entertaining.” UK Film Review


Cast and characters:
Jon McKoy … Ralph/Bludgeon Man
Ethan Han … Barry/Awesome Boy
Jim Cannatelli … Fish-Man Sam
Michelle Quenzel … Annie
Brock Vickers … Fake Shemp
Jeanette Pacifico … Vacation Girl
Shawn Shillingford … Beach Patrol Officer
Amy Lynn Patton … Hippie Girl
Kiyneeanay Dykes … Boogie Boss
Jaysen Smith … Purse Thief
Mark McCaffery … Nigel
Rob McNeal Jr. … Beach Dude 2
Heather Street … Beth
Ben Janocha … Beach Dude 1
Oscar Aguilar … Barry’s Dad
Erich Rolli … Bully Jock #2
Christopher Reinig … Sam Captive

Technical details:
1 hour 18 minutes


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