JURASSIC REVIVAL (2022) Review of monster movie – free to watch online – now with dino battle clip

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Jurassic Revival is a 2022 monster movie in which a research team goes to an island that is inhabited by prehistoric creatures.

Directed by Cong Zhao (Monster Hospital; Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio: A Book from Heaven; Tomb of the Dragon Coffin 2: Flowers of the Dead).

The Chinese production stars Ma Xinyu, Feng Qilong, Yang Qiyu, Shen Yunzhong and Chang Haib.

Decades ago, a massive meteorite landed on a remote island, and a scientific expedition team went to explore the mystery. However, they were attacked by the prehistoric overlord, a T-Rex and the entire team was wiped out.

Years later, countless people still want to unravel the secrets of the meteorite. A team of mercenaries from a mysterious group is hired to accompany and coerce female scientists and demolition experts to explore the island, witnessing the resurrection of the overlord of the food chain…


“The opening scene in the eighties is particularly well done. The attacking dinosaur has an apparent physicality well beyond most of these films, knocking aside human cast members in a convincing way. However, the rest of the set pieces struggle to reach the same standard, not least due to poor scripting. There are times when people just stand about, apparently admiring the monsters attacking them.” Rating: C- Film Blitz





In China, the movie will be released on May 29, 2022.

Technical details:
1 hour 20 minutes

Original title:
复活侏罗纪 “Resurrection Jurassic” aka Fu Huo Zhu Luo Ji

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