THE GOOD NEIGHBOR (2022) Reviews of psychological thriller

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‘Fear what’s next door’
The Good Neighbor is a 2022 thriller film in which a budding friendship takes a tragic turn when one of them runs over a young woman.

Written and directed by Stephan Rick, the movie is an English language remake of his 2011 German film of the same name.

The Altit Media Group-Forma Pro Films production stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Luke Kleintank, Bruce Davison and Eloise Smyth.

A nightmarish evening unfolds for neighbours David (Luke Kleintank) and Robert (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) when they accidentally hit a woman on her bike and flee the scene. While David is increasingly plagued by feelings of guilt, Robert shows no remorse and becomes overbearing and possessive.

When David meets Vanessa (Eloise Smyth), the victim’s sister, he submits to a reckless passion and underlying sense of redemption before realising Robert will do unspeakable things to protect their secret…

“Even though most viewers will figure out the ending before it gets resolved, the few intricacies with Robert’s character is handled well and makes it worth wading through to the end. Because it bears repeating, the cinematography is exceptionally good and such a great setting.” Film Gate Reviews

The Good Neighbor lacks the ferocious thrills and exaggerated characterizations that crazy-new-bestie movies like this need so badly […] Despite an R-rating, the violence feels sanitized and the rougher edges sanded down. Without a grimy hook or original angle, The Good Neighbor winds up feeling like a tired retread into familiar territory.” 2/5 Josh at the Movies

“Thrillers like these play out in a set of fairly generic ways — predictably. But when the cast is good and the focus is narrowed to two people who might be three, with every outsider a new “threat” of discovery summarily dealt with, it works. And in using his vulnerable-but-can-be-scary baggage subtly, Meyers makes our buy-in easy and the “What is he capable of?” menace palpable…” 2.5/4 Movie Nation

“It’s not reinventing the wheel, but still enjoyable. Given that the film is a remake of the director’s original film that came out over a decade ago, the predictability of plot may be a result of time passing and familiarity with the genre. What keeps investment going is predominantly Jonathan Rhys Meyers’s performance.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“It’s an entertaining thriller with at least one very interesting character at its center, making for a solid viewing experience. If there is anything that will linger in the minds of audiences, it is bound to be Meyers’ chilling performance. The Good Neighbor will likely appeal to anyone who wants some old-fashioned suspense.” 2.5/5 Screen Rant

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