EATING MISS CAMPBELL (2022) Reviews of dark comedy horror

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‘Nostalgia is cancer.’
Eating Miss Campbell is a 2022 dark comedy horror film in which a vegan-goth high school student falls in love with her new English teacher… and develops a problematic taste for human flesh!

Written, co-produced and directed by Liam Regan (My Bloody Banjo). Also co-produced by Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Entertainment).

The British-American Refuse Films-Troma Entertainment co-production stars Lyndsey Craine, Lala Barlow, Vito Trigo, James Hamer-Morton, Charlie Bond, Emily Haigh, Michaela Longden, Sierra Summers, Alexander J Skinner, Justin A. Martell, Annabella Rich, Dani Thompson, Laurence R. Harvey, Blade Braxton and Lloyd Kaufman.

“A brand spanking new take on the black comedy high school movie, following in the shoes of Heathers (1989), Jawbreaker (1999) and Tragedy Girls (2017), along with nonsensical violence and tongue-in-cheek social commentary.”


“To be satire, one must have some position from which to state why something is worthy of ridicule, lest it becomes exactly what it is deriding. If you want to make fun of direct-to-video horror, that’s not that hard […] But you better bring your best material. And if this is it, well, I have no interest in seeing what comes next.” B&S About Movies

“In the lead role Lyndsey Craine flits between moody, antisocial Goth girl to mildly psychotic, in a performance that feels like it would be fun to film […] A special mention too for the fantastic practical effects on-show throughout, which often outweigh the plot. Eating Miss Campbell is bound to offend plenty, but it revels in its B-movie aesthetic.” Bloody Flicks

“At times Eating Miss Campbell is plain old juvenile when it goes for its laugh. It belies the playful tone and self-awareness of the lead character and her cartoon interactions with the other pupils, teachers and parents. All too often the bluntness of the unsubtle takes away from, rather than adds to the drama set in motion…” Britflicks

“Existing as like a British Troma movie, those that settle in with Eating Miss Campbell should have some idea about what they’re getting themselves in for. However, whereas many Troma movies are zany and super silly, the farcical elements are dropped here in favour of sarcasm. A film that will ruffle plenty of feathers, Eating Miss Campbell appears on a one-movie-mission to cause controversy.” The Hollywood News

“Clearly, those without a taste for Regan’s previous work won’t be won over. Egged on by Uncle Lloyd and the team at Troma, Eating Miss Campbell is bigger, messier, nastier and more offensive… to just about everybody. While not all of the gags land (some of them might say that none of them do, if you’re not a fan of that sort of thing), there’s a laudable dedication to the cause.” Horror DNA

“The gags are hit and miss, the scenes between the different scheming teachers are cartoonish and overlong, all the motivations and stakes here are too removed from reality to keep the viewer fully engaged, the initial postmodern thrill soon loses its steam and at a certain point you’ll find yourself sharing Beth’s wish that it could all be over…” Projected Figures

“As well as being a spot-on satire on American high school life (as depicted in the films, at least), there’s plenty of social commentary, dished out with a ladle rather than a spoon. The aesthetic is very much in the Troma mould (Uncle Lloyd makes his obligatory, welcome appearance) but that’s not to say it’s sloppy.” 4 out of 5, Starburst

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