THE MAN FROM TORONTO (2022) 16 reviews of Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson comedy action movie

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‘Hitman meets dead man’
The Man From Toronto is a 2022 comedy action film about an Airbnb mix up involving a screw-up sales consultant and a deadly assassin

Directed by Patrick Hughes (Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard; The Hitman’s Bodyguard; The Expendables 3; Red Hill) from a screenplay co-written by Robbie Fox and Chris Bremner, based on a story co-written by Fox and Jason Blumenthal.


The movie stars Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Ellen Barkin, Kaley Cuoco, Jasmine Mathews, Lela Loren, Pierson Fodé and Jencarlos Canela.


“This film was obviously made in order to make people laugh and have a good time, but for many people, that will be hard simply because of how messy the story is. It’s genuinely hard to follow at times. The action scenes are impressive whenever they happen and the film actually has some strong cinematography from Rob Hardy, but aside from that, The Man From Toronto flops hard…” Caillou Pettis Movie Reviews

“Harrelson and Hart’s dauntless assassin/guileless impersonator buddy routine works less well here than, say, Hart and The Rock’s “Xtreme Laurel and Hardy” coupling in 2016’s Central Intelligence or Jumanji. Their partnership is baseline compelling but mostly flat, its moments of comedic tension fizzling out quickly…” 2 out of 5, The Guardian

” …a farcical adventure that offers some laughs and a couple creative action sequences. It never reaches the heights of other films in this genre, like Midnight Run or The Rundown, but it’s a fun summer watch.” IGN

” …despite a fun premise and a well-structured first act, The Man from Toronto tries to do too many things at once and devolves into a strange bouillabaisse of studio comedy tropes. Hart retrogresses to his usual schtick as a frazzled man who freaks out under pressure and screams everything in a high-pitched voice. And Harrelson’s titular character takes a regrettable, predictable turn…” Grade: C, IndieWire

” …a bit more palatable but only just to eke out one viewing. Watch ‘The Man from Toronto’ on Netflix only for the glitter of its stars. For those uninitiated with the Hart brand of comedy – self-deprecating, dumb, and personal – this film presents the perfect starter.” 5 out of 10, The Review Geek

” …Hughes does that godawful speeding-up technique that makes following everything virtually impossible. Along the way, Teddy and the Man from Toronto bond in a macho yet sensitive fashion while the person who ordered this on Netflix discovers a hairball too big to vacuum up. You know a film’s in trouble when it can’t be saved by a rocket launcher-toting Ellen Barkin.”

The Man From Toronto is a dull, by-the-numbers action-comedy, lacking both in laughs and in action. Netflix plus a big star is not necessarily a sure thing and the streamer is rife with missable content starring a fan-favorite actor. Apart from a “one-shot” fight sequence that is poorly edited together, there is little in the way of engaging action.” Screen Rant

” …the resulting package is far less elegant than an MI movie, it still exudes an old-fashioned cinematic vibe — assuming you can overlook one or two glaring green screens, that is. Which is why it’s a bummer when The Man from Toronto surrenders to a needlessly loud and bloated finale…” Variety

The Man From Toronto is available for streaming worldwide on Netflix on June 24, 2022.

Technical details:
1 hour 52 minutes

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