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‘Stay isolated. Stay safe.’
Eradication is a 2022 American science fiction horror film about an unknown disease that wipes out most of the world’s population. Meanwhile, a man with unique blood is isolated for study. Fearing for his wife’s safety, he breaks his quarantine – into a world overrun by monstrous infected people and a shadowy agency hunting them down.

Directed by Daniel Byers – making his feature film directorial debut – from a screenplay co-written with co-star Harry  Aspinwall. The Kinogo Pictures-Dakoit Pictures-Dark Tower Films production also stars Anita Abdinezhad and Christian Masters.

Our review:
Although there have already been a number of horror films based around the COVID-19 pandemic, Eradication stands out from the crowd by offering viewers a sombre and thoughtful examination of how a global epidemic could have an impact on the life of one man who believes his blood carries the cure. At the same time, the filmmakers dared to ask the question of whether humanity is even worth saving, and you will probably be wondering the same thing after watching Eradication.

Harry Aspinwall stars as David, a lone scientist who lives in a cabin out in the woods, and who occasionally delivers samples of his blood to a drop-off point so that a vaccine can be developed. With no company aside from occasional video calls with his partner, Sam (Anita Abdinezhad), David clearly lives a mundane and monotonous life, so most of us will probably yearn for some disruption to his routine.


Firstly, it should probably be clarified that anyone expecting a fast-paced thrill ride will probably not enjoy Eradication. This is a film which decidedly plays it slow, and most of the entire first act consisted of showing David wandering around his house and carrying out his daily routines of waking up, eating, and exercising.

So, while the slow pace will certainly be off-putting to some viewers, director Daniel Byers needs to be commended for making the bold decision to allow viewers to get to know David so well by spending so much time showcasing the character’s daily life. Even those who feel desperate for some action during these scenes will no doubt come to appreciate the level of care which clearly went into showing us the world through David’s eyes.

Things do get a little more exciting in the second act, although the limited budget clearly prevented any real action set-pieces. Either way, we were treated to some enjoyable sequences of David being chased by the infected as he ventures into town for supplies, leading our previously meek and timid protagonist to resort to extreme measures to defend himself against his brutal pursuers. David is clearly not a violent or aggressive man by nature, but the lengths he goes to in order to safeguard what he believes will be the cure for humanity will leave most of us wondering how far we will go to protect the things we care about in desperate situations.

While he clearly believes that he is fighting for the future of humanity, David gradually begins to lose more of his own humanity as he goes down an increasingly darker path, leading him dangerously close to the point of no return. Without going into spoilers, there were also some mind-behind revelations towards the end, which make the somewhat uneventful first act of the movie seem all the more worthwhile. The final twist will come as a particularly nasty surprise, as we finally learn what David is really capable of after spending so much time with him.

Although they were never referred to as such, the infected antagonists who appear throughout Eradication are essentially vampires, as they suffered from an insatiable thirst for blood and are also burned when they were exposed to sunlight. This makes Eradication a rare example of a vampire movie which attempts to present a scientific explanation for the affliction as opposed to taking a supernatural route, and it was certainly refreshing to finally see a more playable depiction of the undead.

While Eradication will probably not be remembered as one of the greatest vampire movies cinema has to offer, it still manages to offer something different from the countless other films on the subject. This makes it a unique and memorable experience for anyone who felt they had seen everything the subgenre had to offer. It certainly is not the best, but you really have never seen another vampire film quite like this.

Every single person who is reading this was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way, so Eradication might come as a particularly hard-hitting experience for some viewers. Similarly, its slow and uneventful first act will also mean that many audience members will probably not make it to the end, but those of you who do say with it until the final credits roll will be in for a truly unique vampire movie with a relatable protagonist whose desperation becomes palpable as he begins to lose control.

David’s journey might seem somewhat tedious at first, but those of you who are willing to accompany him all the way to the end will no doubt be intrigued by everything that this film has in store. So if you were hoping for a disease-related horror film which never becomes outrageous or exploitative, then look no further than Eradication.
David Gelmini, MOVIES and MANIA

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“A plague movie may not be what you’re into these days — or hopefully you are — but Eradication is well made despite its low budget. I’d dare say it’s one of the best Tubi originals that have come out so far.”  B&S About Movies

“There’s a third-act reveal that doesn’t quite work, or adequately explain the two acts that went before. The final scene isn’t climatic as much as confusing. But Eradication is a creepy little nightmare for at least a solid seventy minutes. And its monsters linger in your mind long after the movie fades.” 4 out of 5, Film Racket

“With its slower pace and more character-driven story, Eradication will not be for everyone. If you’re a fan of films like The Road, where the focus is more on the psychological impact a dystopian future has on its inhabitants, then Eradication will be for you.” Horror Facts

” …Eradication is still one of the better microbudget pandemic films and one of the few decent films to get labelled a Tubi Original. With its measured pace and lack of action setpieces it won’t be for everyone, but those who don’t mind that will find it worth their time.” 3 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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