THE DEAD GIRL IN APARTMENT 03 (2022) Reviews of horror starring Friday the 13th’s Adrienne King

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The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 is a 2022 American horror film about a young woman who is haunted by the death of her roommate.

Directed and produced by Kurtis Spieler (New York Ninja). Executive produced by Nicholas Papazoglou and Frank Wihbey.

The Factory Underground-Invasive Image co-production stars Adrienne King (Killer Therapy; Tales of Poe; Friday the 13th 1980), Laura Dooling (Blu Bloods), Michael Schantz (City on a Hill), Bryan Manley Davis, Amy Holomakoff and Frank Wihbey.

After recently moving to New York City, a young woman named Laura (Laura Dooling) discovers her new roommate dead under mysterious circumstances. After the police remove the body, Laura is left alone in the apartment to deal with the emotional aftermath.


Over the course of the night, strange occurrences begin happening in the apartment that may give Laura clues about her roommate’s death. With the help of her ex-boyfriend and a couple of detectives assigned to the case, Laura tries to solve the mystery of her roommate’s death before she falls victim to the same fate…


The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 will be released by Wild Eye Releasing on August 9, 2022, on Digital platforms. More August releases
A special edition Blu-ray and DVD will follow on November 22.


The film has an emotionally satisfying ending. Not logically satisfying; there are several loose strings and unanswered questions […] The Dead Girl in Apartment 03 is an unremarkable ghost story. But it’s well crafted and entertaining.” Hollywood Investigator

” …thanks to atmospheric filmmaking that creates a feeling of genuine unease, the audience still gets what Laura must be going through (also thanks to a splendid central performance by Laura Dooling of course). And a very well-structured plot does its part to bring across the film’s central horror just fine, making this into a pretty cool genre movie.” Search My Trash

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