ALL MUST DIE (2019) Reviews of Norwegian slasher

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All Must Die is a 2019 Norwegian slasher horror film about a bachelorette party in the woods that turns nasty when a mad axe killer turns up.

Directed by Geir Greni from a screenplay co-written with Robert Næss.

The Snurr Film production stars Viktoria Winge (They Came TV series; Cold Prey and its sequel), Julia Schacht, Veslemøy Mørkerid, Marte Sæteren, Tinashe Williamson and Linni Meister.

Gina is about to get married when her friends “kidnap” her for a last all-out bachelorette party. Gina’s friends have rented a country house in the woods, miles away from the nearest neighbour. In other words: A perfect setting for a horror-themed bachelorette party.

Dressed in red latex and all on her own, Gina has to complete a creepy game of challenges. However, what begins as fun soon turns seriously weird, when disturbing events start occurring. Is it part of the planning – or is Gina about to lose her grip on reality?

Stylishly shot and with some gruesome kill sequences, All Must Die is a serviceable slasher, without being particularly groundbreaking. Our group of teens is largely likeable and offers different personalities […] The killer also boasts an interesting look, using a mask of our bride-to-be to cover their identity.” Bloody Flicks

“All the elements you could want in a “who is the killer?” film are there so it’s really nothing to complain about. The interaction with the cast was formidable and the kills weren’t too exaggerated or far-fetched.” 2.5 out of 5, Horror Movies Uncut

All Must Die has the basic ingredients to be a memorable slasher but can’t overcome its lousy twist and weak death scenes.” 3 out of 10, Lyles Movie Files

All Must Die tries to do something different to the norm with a slasher. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t seen the late plot twist in plenty of other slashers, but this one seemed like it was carried out well, with plenty of the third act dedicated to trying to make it seem feasible.” 5 out of 10, The Rotting Zombie

” …the film’s a constant guessing game – but that doesn’t mean it just relies on its novel plot twists but is actually well built-up, genre-savvy enough to create all the right tension in all the right moments, and carried by a solid and relatable cast to make this one cool genre trip…” Search My Trash

Director Geir Greni explained: “My mother grew up in the deep woods of Norway. No neighbours for miles and miles. Only trees. I remember visiting my grandfather and knowing intellectually that we were probably as safe as we could possibly be. Still, I always had this little inkling at the back of my mind – what if there is an axe-murderer out there? Hiding in the shadows. The location for this movie is actually the very place my mother grew up, and that has made the whole project extremely personal to me.”

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