HOW DARK THEY PREY (2022) Reviews of horror anthology with trailer and release news

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How Dark They Prey is a 2022 American horror anthology film involving four dark tales about the haunting nature of man and the unknown from World War II to an alien investigation, finding the occult and nasty kidnapping.

Directed by Jamison M. LoCascio and Adam Ambrosio (‘Encounter Nightly’ segment). Produced by Adam Ambrosio and Jamison M. LoCascio (‘Encounter Nightly’ segment).

The Film Valor-Halcyon Valor Productions movie stars Timothy Paul Jobe, James M. Reilly, Marc Lubbers, David Johnson, Tom Coughlin, Josiah Schneider, Alisha Spielmann, Jeff Ronan, Susan Feinman, Samuel James Pygatt, Paul Pallotta and Kelsey Nichole Black.


Release date:
How Dark They Prey was released on Amazon Prime on September 15, 2022. The Watch Movies Now YouTube channel version is censored so avoid.

“What helps is that this was made by only two directors, Adam Ambrosio, who made the ‘Encounter Nightly’ story and Jamison M. LoCascio, who made the ‘Harrowing’, ‘Blood Beach’, and ‘Nelly’ chapters. That allows this to have more narrative cohesion than the average — or below-average — horror portmanteau you find streaming online.” B&S About Movies

“While I was mostly unimpressed with the writing, How Dark They Prey is a short watch and worth checking out for some genuinely good performances.” 3/5 Flix Chatter


How Dark They Prey is an interesting series of horror tales, with a nice mixture of styles.” Movie Reviews 101

“A very nice anthology that might differ quite a bit in approach in its individual segments (for example, ‘Encounter Nightly’ is found footage horror, ‘Nelly”s an outright comedy), but no matter what style, the direction is assured in all segments, and what holds the film together is good storytelling throughout…” Search My Trash


“I think some of the stories are stronger as a whole than others- the one at the lake and the one with the soldiers probably connect the most- but I like how LoCascio and Ambrosio have something to say in each one about human nature, especially how it’s in our nature to want something, but when we get it, we aren’t necessarily prepared for what happens next. Each segment throws us off-guard…” Sonic Cinema

“As it stands ‘Nelly’ is the only segment that really works, although ‘Encounter Nightly’ comes close. Diehard anthology fans may get more out of How Dark They Prey’s other segments than I did, but to me, they just didn’t live up to their potential. With a bit better budget, or stories better tailored to the budget they did have, I suspect the results would have been better.” 2.5/5 Voices from the Balcony

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