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Blackout is a 2022 American action crime thriller in which a man wakes in a hospital with no memory, and quickly finds himself on the run in a locked-down hospital with a drugs cartel on his tail. He scrambles to find his true identity in the most vicious ways.

Directed by Sam Macaroni (Guest House and masses of shorts) from a screenplay written by Van B. Nguyen (Blue Bloods TV series).


The Patriot Pictures-Itaca Films-Lost Winds Entertainment co-production stars Josh Duhamel (Bandit; Night of the Animated Dead; Batman: The Long Halloween; The Institute; Turistas), Abbie Cornish (The Virtuoso; Perfect; Lavender), Omar Chaparro, Nick Nolte, Lou Ferrigno Jr, Omar Chaparro, Bárbara de Regil, Pedro Lopez, Jero Medina, Edison Ruíz, Marco Torres, Hernan Del Riego, Donald V. Allen, Elizabeth Irene, Daniel Farag, Robert Dobson, Robert Allen Mukes, Rolando Gonzalez, Anthony Soto, M@tch and Christopher Erk.


” …even with its hour and a half of approx. runtime isn’t able to establish the importance of “the case” on point the way it should have. It rather relies on action and the reactions of the different characters to further the plot revolving around the case, which gets boring after a while. It is John Cain, played by Josh Duhamel, in his pitch-black suit, who manages to help us sit through the film till the end…” Digital Mafia Talkies

“It’s ill-conceived and enervating and a complete waste of your time. The movie merely borrows things from other better films and then fails to execute them with either style or vigor. Everyone is after Cain because he has an important case hidden somewhere. That case is nothing but a McGuffin that gives rise to a series of dull action sequences.” 2/10, Midgard Times

Blackout is a fast-paced action thriller, keeping the action contained within a hospital. It doesn’t stop once it gets going, leading to plenty of fights, sneaky and revelations to what life Cain once had. Everything works as a by-the-book action film, with certain scenes hitting for high violence levels.” 3/5, Movie Reviews 101


“Basically the entire film takes place in the hospital and after a while you understand that the film doesn’t have what it takes to be more than a bit of entertainment for the moment. Not lousy and well done enough to keep watching, but it’s a long way from something really good.” Movies – Noir [translated from Swedish]

”  …delivered ninety minutes of fast-paced entertainment. Having a more believable resolution would have been nice but it couldn’t take away the fun I was having up to that point. And in a film like this that’s what people are looking for, so sit back and enjoy.” 3.5, Voices from the Balcony


“From the very start, it’s all full-out action as the predictable storyline continues to grind along dragging you with it. There’s lots of grunting and shouting as the actors take part in close-quarter combat which is mostly laughable in places.” Which Film


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Blackout will stream on Netflix on October 28, 2022.

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