GIANTESS ATTACK VS. MECHA-FEMBOT (2019) Reviews of cheesy sci-fi comedy

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Giantess Attack vs. Mecha-Fembot is a 2019 American comedy sci-fi film and a sequel to Giantess Attack (2017).

Written and directed by Jeff Leroy (Dracula’s Sorority Sisters; Dracula in a Women’s Prison; Frankenstein in a Women’s Prison; Predator World; Rat Scratch Fever; Werewolf in a Womens Prison; Creepies; The Witch’s Sabbath; Eyes of the Werewolf).

The movie stars Rachel Riley, Tasha Tacosa, Christine Nguyen, Kalli Cook, Chelsea Bellas, Vlada Fox, Jed Rowen, Phillip Darlington, John Karyus, Malorie Mackey, Alexandra Marie, Ben Stobber and Jay Woelfel.

“This is both terrible and brilliant at the same time. The whole thing is just insanely stupid (in a good way), but some of the miniature effects are really surprisingly good (and many aren’t). It’s clearly done with a mixture of miniature buildings and CGI explosions. It’s fantastic!” Horror Bulletin

“The carnage delivered to the film’s models and miniature sets is quite an accomplishment in itself. Leroy’s over-the-top outing is highly self-aware, and it is the type of film that will be appreciated by very specific audiences, including fans of ultra-low-budget satires and cornball comedies with lots of cheesecake on display.” Horror Fuel

Giantess Attack vs. Mecha-Fembot was released on the Full Moon streaming platform on October 14, 2022.





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