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‘We’re all red inside’
The Welder is a 2021 American horror film about a young couple that travel to the Florida Everglades to bring themselves closer together.

What at first appears to be a seemingly pastoral paradise soon transforms into a sinister, dread-soaked nightmare as a former doctor and vicious madman terrorises them for his demented experiments bent on curing the social blight of racism…


Directed by David Liz from a screenplay co-written with Manuel Delgadillo, the movie stars Vincent De Paul, Roe Dunkley, Camila Rodríguez, Cristian Howard and Anthony Vasquez.


“Brilliantly merging the horrors of Frankenstein and Get Out, this shocking thriller carries a powerful message, especially during today’s unhinged times.” Popcorn Frights Film Festival

The Welder had its world premiere at the Popcorn Frights Film Festival on August 15, 2021. It was also screened at the Raindance Film Festival. Terror Films released the film on Amazon Prime on February 24, 2023.

The film will be available to watch free on YouTube on Saturday, March 18, 2023, via the Kings of Horror channel.


“Directed by David Liz, who co-wrote this with Manuel Delgadillo, The Welder lives up to one of its lines: we’re all red inside. It’s a creepy journey that has enough differences from other films to earn your eyes. Just make sure Dr Godwin doesn’t take anything else.” B&S About Movies

“Although audiences will be aware that The Welder is a horror movie, it may suit those more interested in effects and body horror. Saying that though, the reveal of what’s really going on in William’s mind manages to maintain the overall message of the movie without coming across as too jarring. However, there’s a confusing shift in Eliza’s story and sadly by the end it may undermine what the movie wanted to say.” Battle Royale with Cheese

“The Welder is an interesting, skillfully acted film with a nice location that is well shot and edited. It held my interest for the most part, but the film’s climax seems a bit rushed and the logic does not work well. Given the ambitious narrative, the multiple jobs Liz takes on, the talent and filmmakers do an admirable job for an independent low-budget horror movie.” Fears Mag

” …The Welder is 90% a drag. No amount of poetic slow-motion scenes with music swelling can convince otherwise. Liz’s film is deeply hindered by poor acting from almost everyone in a cast numbering precious few. As the female lead, Rodríguez’s groggy performance proves contagious to her audience…” Flick Attack

The Welder is not particularly finessed performance-wise. Some of the scenes put together are even laughably so. By the second half of the film, Eliza’s detective work uncovers a bunch of hairy details which are waved away by her current mental state […] In a complete 360-degree turn, the ending of The Welder is what will set this mad scientist movie apart from others of its ilk.” 2.5 out of 5, Mother of Movies


“While initially, The Welder has a backwoods slasher theme to it and some folk horror overtones, it soon adds body horror and Frankenstein motives to the mix, all peppered with a healthy dose of social commentary […] And solid performances, impressive scenery, and a genre savvy yet subtle enough directorial effort all see to it that the result is pretty cool horror entertainment.” Search My Trash

Liz has several credits as a cinematographer and it shows here with several drone shots emphasizing the ranch’s remoteness and some creepy camerawork in the forest and the old house. The sound design by James Hall (Blonde. Purple, An Eye for an Eye) is good and helps add a macabre note to several scenes. But they can’t overcome The Welder’s shortfalls as a genre film and its horribly muddled message.” Voices from the Balcony

” …The Welder is an attractive film that overreaches, either scrimping on the narrative and character development or changing tack altogether, offering up something too preposterous to fit into the film as a whole. It’s likely that this is all coming from a place of compassion, and let’s assume that it is, but in trying to cram a weak social message into a barely-realised horror story, it simply underlines its own flaws.” Warped Perspective

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