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“Her worst nightmare is in her house’
I’ll Be Watching is a 2023 American sci-fi thriller about a young wife trapped in a high-tech home with a would-be killer.

Directed by Erik Bernard from a screenplay co-written by Elisa Manzini and Sara Sometti Michaels. Produced by Sara Sometti Michaels and Seth Michaels. Executive produced by David Keith and Eliza Taylor.

The Benacus Entertainment-RNF Productions co-production stars Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Seth Michaels, David Keith, Natasha Halevi, Bryan Batt, Duke Jackson, Luke Davis, Sara, Sometti Michaels, Megan Drust, Presley Keith, Hannah Fierman, Kyle Larsen and Nicole Foster.

Plot synopsis:
After Julie’s (Eliza Taylor) sister was murdered, she and her tech genius husband (Bob Morley) move to the country, and he installs a top-notch security system that he developed. When he leaves on a work trip, she gets trapped inside and is convinced that the killer is having fun playing a sick game, before killing her like her sister…

” …if you’re looking for a movie where a robot vacuum cleaner hobbles a heroine who may be going hysterical, this is here for you. It looks nice, sounds great and sadly doesn’t seem to go anywhere new until the end of the movie throws in some twists.” B&S About Movies

” …it feels like an older type of thriller that audiences may be too familiar with to care about. The final act does ramp up the tension, but unfortunately, it does so by adding nonsensical twists which make it feel more artificial and less intelligent.” Battle Royale with Cheese

” …a fine piece of filmmaking with captivating performance by Eliza Taylor. The tension and suspense build to a payoff that lacks the shocking impact it should have due to issues with the film’s flawed logic. Given the film’s overall tone, it feels like a movie of the week/Lifetime Channel type of film…” Fears Magazine

“Erik Bernard does not know how to craft a film. This is a visually empty motion picture. The director cannot grasp how to use his frame to generate tension, nor does he know how to use the score or the editing in interesting ways […] I’ll Be Watching is an excruciating viewing experience that holds one of the most absurd final twists I have ever witnessed.” The Movie Review

“The last few moments of the film weren’t entirely necessary as it picked up with everyone in Julie’s life making her question her sanity but Taylor’s pathos made it feel earned given the circumstance she’s had to go through. It was an enjoyable film with really strong performances and a great social commentary on the over-reliance of technology and how grief affects people.” The Movie Sleuth

” …nothing more than your average run-of-the-mill thriller. It treads on familiar turf without offering up anything new to a well-worn mix, playing out like a visual tick list of thriller cliches.” 4 out of 10, My Bloody Reviews

“Bernard ratchets up the tension and keeps the viewer guessing what is really going on with all manner of red herrings, before delivering a final-act reveal in which tables are turned, gender is confounded and a plot that had seemed largely generic proves to be a singularity. For here, everyone is being gaslit under a neurotic gaze that is not straightforwardly male.” Projected Figures

“It had a cool concept (even though it’s been done before), but I think it played it safe. It tried with some of its twists, but it just didn’t do enough to fully captivate me. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen. It just could have done a lot more…” TV Fanatic Girl

” …I’ll Be Watching manages to generate almost no tension. There is a little in the last few minutes when Julie is finally “trapped in the house with a killer” and the script throws a couple of not-very-unique twists at the viewer but that’s about all it can work up. Even the leads can’t seem to work up much enthusiasm for the film.” 1 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

I’ll Be Watching was released on Digital on May 2, 2023.


Choice dialogue:
Sophie [Natasha Halevi]: “Hey you know the best solution to… um, everything, is a good orgasm.”

Cast and characters:
Eliza Taylor … Julie
Bob Morley … Marcus
Seth Michaels … Mike
David Keith … Sheriff Anderson
Natasha Halevi … Sophie
Bryan Batt … Doctor Tate
Duke Jackson … Masked Man
Luke Davis … Mailman Gerald
Sara Sometti Michaels … Federica
Megan Drust … Michelle
Presley Keith … Waitress
Hannah Fierman … Rebecca
Kyle Larsen … ‘Hpa
Nicole Foster … Wealthy Art Buyer

Filming locations:
Roswell, Georgia, USA

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