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‘Some nightmares are real’
The Curse of Wolf Mountain is a 2023 American slasher horror film about a young man who returns to the woods where his parents were killed.

Directed, co-produced by and co-starring David Lipper (Murder at Hollow Creek; Death Link) from a screenplay by co-producer Keli Price who also stars. Also produced by Joshua Santana, Kipp Tribble and Kenny Yates. Executive produced by Stephen Belafonte, David Briner, Robert A. Daly Jr, Steve Gentry, Justin L. Levine and Ram Paul Silbey.

The movie stars Keli Price, David Lipper, Danny Trejo, Tobin Bell, Karissa Lee Staples, Malu Trevejo, Eddie McClintock, Matt Rife, Fernanda Romero, Kenny Yates, Kipp Tribble, Amaris Davidson, Nicole Arlyn, Stephen Belafonte, Giosué Bottini, Jennifer Leon, Dakota Michael, Geoff Samuels and Joshua Santana.


Plot synopsis:
Aj begins having dreams of his parent’s death. He decides to go back to the spot where they were killed, accompanied by his brother and his brother’s family. Unfortunately, legend has it there is something mysterious roaming these woods…


“The shame is that there are actually the seeds of a decent low-budget slasher movie in there somewhere but it all feels like there were too many ideas being thrown around, a lot of overthinking, a bit of undercooking and relying on the two star names whose presence is there to sell the trailer, and if they were removed it would make no difference to the final movie whatsoever as The Curse of Wolf Mountain would still be a mess, and not a particularly entertaining one.” Gore in the Store

“The secret of Wolf Mountain is okay, but far too many of the film’s attempted deviations from the slasher formula blow-up in the audience’s face. Plus, it all just looks conspicuously cheap. Not recommended, despite a handful of better-than-expected performances…” J.B. Spins


“One of The Curse of Wolf Mountain’s biggest downfalls is its inability to sell the drama woven into the storyline, which is diluted by cheesy dialogue and bland characters. The humor incorporated into the screenplay shows that the film doesn’t take itself too seriously. The issue, however, is that the events that unravel throughout the runtime play out more like a horror movie parody than a scare fest…” 2.5 out of 5, Loud and Clear

” …has some very familiar horror tropes and a twist that is, honestly, kind of stupid. The familiarity is one thing- films can overcome that and be entertaining- but the twist just leaves things feeling absurd. The central idea deserves better.” Grade: C- Sonic Cinema

“The film does work up some energy in the last act as our leads plus a few Acme Insta-Victims run around in the woods. There are even a couple of decent deaths including an impaling and someone face-planting into a bear trap […] But any momentum it may have built up is ruined by the Scooby Doo-like reveal.” 1.5 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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