DEATH LINK (2021) Reviews of social media horror with trailer



‘Be careful what you click’

Death Link is a 2021 American horror film about teenagers posting ever more daring video stories on social media. But in this small town, a series of staged “murder” videos are turning very real…

Directed by actor David Lipper (Wolf Mountain) – making his feature directorial debut – from a screenplay co-written by Dustin Dinoff and Duncan Forster. Produced by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, David Lipper, Tina Sutakanat and Kipp Tribble.

The movie stars Elise Luthman, Jessica Belkin, Riker Lynch, Matt Rife, Alli Simpson and Isabella Blake-Thomas.


“The script by Dustin Dinoff and Duncan Forster is one of the worst of the entire year so far. It’s almost as if they didn’t care one bit about making an admirable movie. I really do feel bad for all of the actors involved though, because they seem quite talented and I’m sure they could all deliver good performances…” Caillou Pettis Movie Reviews

” …so cliched is Death Link that if you don’t know exactly who this films killer is in within the first five minutes then you obviously haven’t watched enough horror movies […] If you like your horror with a social media slant there are better choices out there than Death Link; but then if you’ve seen them all you may as well add this to your viewing experience too.” Nerdly

Release date:

Death Link was released On-Demand on November 30th 2021.


Cast and characters (in credits order):

Elise Luthman … Julie
Jessica Belkin … Tabitha
Riker Lynch … Jeremy
Matt Rife … Darrin
Alli Simpson … Beth
Isabella Blake-Thomas … Kenzie
David Lipper … Peter
Steven Clark … Wayne
Adam Garcia … Doctor Yates
Heather van Zee … Aiko
Wes Newman … Albert
Benjamin Franczuszki … Sheriff Willard
Kipp Tribble … Doctor Flynn
Abbie Georganna … Barbara
Dakota Michael … Leah
Alice Tate … Sarah

Filming locations:

Sherman Oaks, California

Original title:



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