SLEEPING BEAUTIES (2023) Reviews of Tubi ghost movie

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‘No rest for the wicked.’
Sleeping Beauties is a 2023 Australian-Indonesian horror film about a young maid who inadvertently awakens the spirits of previous dead maids.

Written and directed by Stuart Simpson. Produced by Intan Kieflie and Judd Tilyard. Executive produced by Verity Fiction and Stuart Simpson.

Cahya (Intan Kieflie) gets a job as a maid working in an isolated old mansion. Pregnant and a recent widow, she is desperate to reconnect with her husband, opening a doorway to the spirit world. And in doing so, inadvertently awakens the tormented ghosts of her current employer, the previous maids…


“While the final effects don’t delight as much as they could — they’re a mix of CGI and puppetry, it appears, and I always err on the site of practical gore — this film does have enough strangeness and attempts at being more than just a simple ghost story. I’d have loved to have seen this with a richer budget, but for what they had, this is quite effective.” B&S About Movies

” …while I wouldn’t have minded it being a bit more gruesome, the payoff not only fits right in, it delivers more than I was expecting given the kind of budget most Tubi Originals are filmed on. I know saying that Sleeping Beauties is one of the better Tubi Originals is faint praise, but if you like low-budget weirdness there are enough bright spots to make it worth checking out, especially for free.” 3 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony


Sleeping Beauties is available for streaming via Tubi.

Cast and characters:
Intan Kieflie … Cahya
Jeffery Richards … Alfred
Mandie Combe … Francesca
Mark Adams … The Driver
Candice Leask … Nia
Carolyn Masson … Katherine
Stuart Simpson … David
Atticus Benjsson … Young Alfred
Aston Elliot … Mr.Bartley
Jazi Hall … Young Francesca
Lucinda Keating … Ghost 3/Maid 3
Grace Liu … Nanny Ghost
Marianne McLoughlin … Jade
Sienna Shih … Amy Lee

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