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Reunion: Escape of the Monstrous Snake is a 2021 Chinese fantasy action film featuring a giant snake monster and man-eating plants.

Directed by Blue Zhiwei from a screenplay by Xu Lei, the movie stars Ji Chen, Peng Singing and Qinchu Ming.

In order to rescue his old comrades, the blind man in black leads a team deep into Cambodia’s dense forests and historic sites. There, they encounter a giant snake and man-eating plants in the depths of the monuments as they try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of their comrades…


“While the snake cypress CGI is no great shakes, and chunks of the plot felt over-familiar, the fact this was still able to provide unexpected twists did keep me watching to the end. In Jing, the film has one of the few characters from these films that will genuinely stick in my mind. Usually, it’s the monsters that are the stars: here, we get a hero that’s just as much larger than life. Any time Jing is on screen, things seem to acquire additional energy.” Rating: B- Film Blitz


Original title:
重启之蛇骨佛蜕 “Snake-Bone Buddha Shedding of Restart”


Full film free to watch online:

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