Worst Movies – N


National Lampoon’s Class Reunion – Michael Miller, USA, 1982

Navy Seals v Demons – Jeffrey Reyes, USA, 2017

The Navy vs. the Night Monsters – Michael A. Hoey, USA. 1966

Navy vs. the Night Monsters poster

Necropolis – Tim Kincaid, USA, 1986

Neon Maniacs – Joseph Mangine, USA, 1986




The Newlydeads – Joseph Merhi, USA, 1987

The Night Brings Charlie – Tom Logan, USA, 1989

Night Creature aka Out of the Darkness – Lee Madden, USA, 1978


Night Fright – James A. Sullivan, USA, 1967


Night of a 1000 Cats – René Cardona Jr., Mexico, 1972


Night of Horror – Tony Malanowski, USA, 1981

Night of Terror aka Escape from the Insane Asylum – Felix Girard, USA, 1986

Night of the Clown – Todd Jason Cook, USA, 1998

Night of the Clown – Dustin Ferguson, USA, 2016

Night of the Dead: Leben Tod – Eric Forsberg, USA, 2006

Night of the Demon – James C. Wasson, USA, 1980


Night of the Ghouls – Edward D. Wood Jr., USA, 1959


Night of the Lepus – William F. Claxton, USA, 1972


Night of the Pumpkin – Bill Zebub, USA, 2010

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The Night of the Wererooster – USA, 2015


Night of the Zombies aka Gamma 693 – Joel M. Reed, USA, 1981


A Night to Dismember – Doris Wishman, USA, 1983

Nightmare Asylum – Todd Sheets, USA, 1992

Nightmare USA Stephen Thrower FAB Press

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Nightmare Sisters –  David DeCoteau, USA, 1988

Nightmare Weekend – Henri Sala, France/UK, 1985

Nocturna – Harry Hurwitz, USA, 1979


Nocturnal Activity – Steve Lawson, UK, 2014

The Nostril Picker aka The Changer – Mark Nowicki, USA, 1991

A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell – Brett Piper, USA, 1990

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