NECROPOLIS (1986) Reviews and overview

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‘Where they love New York to death.’

Necropolis is a 1986 supernatural American horror film written and directed by Bruce Hickey. Special effects were provided by Ed French (The Rejuvenator; Lurkers; Breeders; Blood Rage; Nightmare 1981).


LeeAnne Baker (Breeders; Mutant Hunt; Psychos in Love), Michael Conte, Jacquie Fitz, George Anthony-Rayza, Andrew Bausili, Vicki Bell, Norris Culf, Anthony Giola, Nadine Hartstein, Jett Julian, Adriane Lee, Gy Milano, Jacqueline Pearson, William K. Reed, Paul Ruben.

Necropolis LeeAnne Baker 2


Eva, a “Satanic Witch” from New Amsterdam in 1686, comes to modern New York City to revive her cult members by sucking the life force from her victims. She has three sets of mammary glands that ooze ectoplasm, a substance her zombie followers suckle on.



“This is for lovers of punk, sleaze, kitsch, cheese, cults, all the good stuff. The dialogue is hilarious, especially that of the sassy gay coroner who said “honey” at the end of every sentence….or the hookers battling with our punkette villain.” Creep Cinema

Necropolis LeeAnne Baker Jacquie Fitz


” … capturing the nervous energy of New York City after dark, Necropolis is what cinema should be: A steaming wad of diaphanous nectar dripping from the nipples of a soul-sucking witch from the Lower East Side.” House of Self Indulgence 

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“Sleazy, kinky R-rated supernatural flick, so nihilistic there’s nary an entertaining moment in its 77 minutes.” John Stanley, Creature Features


” … no matter how awful the dialogue, direction, acting and production values … I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the screen for fear of missing some big-haired diabolical hoofin’. But it was not to be, and so Necropolis soon proves to be not quite as much fun as you’d hoped it to be…” Empire of the ‘B’s




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Choice dialogue:

Billy William: “Ok, so say I buy this theory, where is all this ectostuff goin’?”

Filming locations:

Jersey City, New Jersey
New York City, New York

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