QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL (2011) Reviews and overview


Quarantine 2: Terminal is a 2011 American horror feature film directed by John Pogue (Deep Blue Sea 3; The Quiet Ones) and produced by Marc Brienstock. The film stars Mercedes Masohn, Josh Cooke and Mattie Liptak.

Although the first film in the franchise was a remake of the Spanish film, [REC]Quarantine 2 is unrelated to [REC 2], having a completely different plot and setting, while giving an alternative explanation for the infection.


A flight from Los Angeles to Nashville is diverted to land in Las Vegas, Nevada when one of the passengers, Ralph Bundt (George Back) becomes violent and attacks a stewardess. Ralph had been bitten by a hamster which is really a lab rat, brought onto the plane by Henry (Josh Cooke) for his school students. Ralph is restrained, but not before he bites the flight attendant Paula (Bre Blair).

The plane is forced to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas, and once it has landed, air traffic control refuses to let it approach the gate. Disobeying orders, Captain Forrest (John Curran) and his co-pilot Willsy (Andrew Benator) find a jetway operated by a baggage handler Ed Ramirez (Ignacio Serricchio). Almost everyone evacuates the plane, except for the elderly couple Bev Stevens (Lynn Cole) and her paralysed mute husband Doc Stevens (Tom Thon), and the pilots, who try to keep the violent Ralph contained in an aircraft bathroom.

However, they learn that they have been locked out of the airport. Soon, armed soldiers and what appear to be CDC scientists surround the terminal…


“The film is no classic but the willingness of writer/director, John Pogue, (and the studios of course) to push the story arc in a completely new direction is, while never truly satisfying, a positive creative move.” The Horror Hotel