MENJELANG AJAL “Approaching Death” Indonesian possession pic



Menjelang Ajal is a 2024 Indonesian supernatural horror film about a family whose daughter is seemingly possessed; their prayers worsen matters. What sin did they commit? The title translates into English as “Approaching Death”

Directed by Hadrah Daeng Ratu (Pemandi Jenazah; SijjinPerjanjian GaibI Know When You DeadMakmum#Malam Jumat: The MovieJaga Pocong). Produced by Gope T. Samtani. Executive produced by Priya N. Keswani, Wicky V. Olindo, Sunil Samtani and Lisbeth Simarmata.


The Rapi Films-Sky Media-Legacy Pictures-Rhaya Flicks co-production stars Daffa Wardhana, Shareefa Danish, Michael Olindo, Ruth Marini, Caitlin Halderman and Shakeel Fauzi Aisy.



Menjelang Ajal will be released in Indonesian cinemas on April 30, 2024.



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