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‘The family did not survive. But the recordings did.’

The Amityville Haunting is a 2011 American horror feature film directed by Geoff Meed. The movie was produced by The Asylum and Taut Productions.

The movie is the tenth production to be inspired by the 1977 book The Amityville Horror. It claims to be based on “actual found footage that documents the horrifying experiences of a family that moved into the infamous haunted house.” It stars Tyler Shamy, Devin Clark, and Jon Kondelik.

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“The issue is not that camcorders and security cams are used…it’s simply just a bad movie with no offering for viewers whatsoever. The synopsis of “Actual found footage” is most deceiving. My guess is there exists a clip in the film somewhere that was “actual” interwoven with the fake crap.” Horror News

“Weird little things happen. Horrible accidents happen. Numerous arguments happen. Surveillance cameras are set up all around the house. People get yanked off-camera by an unseen force. That unseen force eventually decides to start mugging for the camera, revealing one of the least menacing looking supernatural killers you’ll ever see.” Dread Central

“The effects are shoddy and insanely uninspired. Don’t expect any enjoyable shots or memorable sequence. All you’ll find is a flat picture, some doors mysteriously opening and a handful of off-screen deaths. It’s all so heartless that it’s virtually impossible to dedicate your full attention to the film.” Addicted to Horror Movies

Cast and characters:

  • Jason Williams as Douglas Benson
  • Amy Van Horne as Virginia Benson
  • Devin Clark as Tyler Benson
  • Nadine Crocker as Lori Benson
  • Gracie Largent as Melanie Benson
  • Luke Barnett as Ronald DeFeo Jr. / The Ghost
  • Tyler Shamy as Greg
  • John Kondelik as Brett
  • Alexander Rzechowicz as Donny Reddit
  • Casey Campbell as Detective


Although the poster features the traditional quarter round windows and gambrel roof of 112 Ocean Avenue, they are never seen on screen.

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