Bad Taste – New Zealand, 1987 – reviews

Bad Taste is a 1987 New Zealand cult science fiction comedy horror film produced, edited, filmed, written, directed and starring Peter Jackson (King Kong; The Lovely Bones; Braindead), who also created all special effects on the film.

Produced on a very low budget, Bad Taste was Peter Jackson’s first feature film and stars himself and his friends taking a number of key roles, both on and off-screen. It was a film that provided the fledgling filmmaker with the necessary leverage needed to advance in the industry.


Aliens invade the fictional New Zealand village of Kaihoro to harvest humans for their intergalactic fast food franchise, where they face off against a four-man paramilitary force, of which at least one member appears to have gone insane…


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  1. Epic, low-budget, horror-comedy with some really uncomfortable, stomach-turning, giggles that are spread generously throughout what is obviously a total labour of love. This and Braindead (Dead.Alive) are still up there with the very best of the bunch.

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