LIFE BLOOD (2009) Reviews and overview

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Life Blood  is a 2009 American supernatural horror film written, produced and directed by Ron Carlson. It is also known as Pearlblossom and Murder World.

The film stars Sophie Monk and Anya Lahiri. Scout-Taylor Compton makes a brief appearance. Veteran cult actor Charlies Napier has a cameo role as an embittered old sexist sheriff.

New Year’s Eve, 1968: Warren James, a sadistic young actor is on the point of raping one of his female fans (Scout-Taylor Compton) when Brooke Anchel (Sophie Monk) intervenes and savagely stabs him to death. On the run with her lesbian lover Rhea Cohen (Anya Lahiri), God (taking the form of a woman) appears by the highway and vanquishes the pair of them to Purgatory.

Forty years later, they rise from the dead as vampires. Brooke has a murder lust and embarks on a series of vampiric killings. Stopping off at a gas station named Murder World, they terrorise the clerk Dan (Patrick Renna).

However, Rhea is an unwilling participant and so Brooke murders her too before slaughtering a middle-aged couple and a diminutive police deputy. God intervenes again and the former lovers have to battle each other for eternal life…


Life Blood, on the other hand, actually seems to have some ambition and original ideas, and I’d always rather see an inspired failure than a by the numbers bore. And I’m sort of oddly charmed by the fact that I rented a movie primarily on the promise of lesbian vampires and found it to be the least enticing thing about it.” Horror Movie a Day

” …has a lot of really terrible notions and no idea about how to put it all into anything like a plot.  It’s too pretentious and eccentric to be a straight-ahead lesbian vampire exploitation movie, but is more baffling than anything else.  Most of the performances are, to be generous, over-insistent – and Monk chews the scenery, admittedly in a role which asks for it.” The Kim Newman Web Site


“I can forgive a lot, I really can. But don’t give me lazy writing, repetitive whiney dialogue, and extreme 2nd half boredom (hint…that’s where the flick is supposed to become MORE INTERESTING) leading to the blatant open ending that I could see coming after the first ten minutes and expect me to be nice about it whether I liked the original premise or not.” Craig McGee,


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