TRUTH OR DARE? A CRITICAL MADNESS (1986) Reviews and overview


‘It’s time to play truth or dare’

Truth or Dare? A Critical Madness is a 1986 American horror movie written and directed by Tim Ritter (Killing Spree; Day of the Reaper).

Mike Strauber returns home unexpectedly and finds his wife Sharon having sex in bed with his best friend Jerry. Distraught, Mike mutilates himself and begins to kill strangers in bloody and horrific ways…


Film Threat review: “Little is done with it save the psycho’s driving the streets to abruptly cut down a baby carriage and a kid on a bike. Ritter struggles to provide clear transitions to his flashbacks, which detract from the aim to capture madness. And yet the cornball synthesizer score and hammy amateur performances will have thirtysomethings recalling fond, bygone viewings.”

Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies blog review: ” …it’s got unintentionally hilarious plotting, wonderfully budget-challenged gore, totally committed performances from semi-professional actors, and enough off-the-wall skewness to keep any mad movie fan entertained throughout. Plus it’s got that charming sincerity and passion that lifts some films above the merely bad into the rarefied realm of the glorious failure.”

Internal Bleeding review: “The only saving grace for Truth or Dare? – A Critical Madness is the gratuitous boob shots, the sometimes amusing random violence, and the sweet theme song from the end of the movie. Avoid this one unless you’re into masochism or want to see a guy blow his head up by holding a grenade in his mouth or some old dude cut his legs off with a little survival knife.”

A Slash Above review: “a memorable, powerful feature and it is one that deserves a stronger reputation amongst the slasher elite. Ritter came out with an intention to shock and he succeeded successfully in making a film that approaches areas that other more competently financed features would never have dared.”

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