555 (1988) Reviews and overview



‘Don’t get caught fooling around’

555 is a 1988 shot-on-video American slasher feature film produced and directed by Wally Koz from a screenplay by Roy M. Koz. It stars Charles Fuller, Greg Kerouac, and Mara-Lynn Bastian.

A detective investigating a spate of killings in which all the victims are teenagers discovers that every five years, in the fifth month of the year, for five consecutive days, the same kind of murder spree has taken place. Furthermore, the suspect is always described as being a hippie…


555 ups the exploitation levels … and a cauldron of corn syrup that is splashed over victims in abundance throughout the shoot. There were also two extremely well created splatter scenes, which have found a place in the hearts of gore hounds across the globe … Dressing the killer as a sixties-era hippy may seem like a silly idea, but somehow it only helps to add originality…” A Slash Above

“If SOV horror is your game, this is one you should definitely pick up. It’s a crappy movie, but it’s a crappy movie with a cool killer, over-the-top characters, terrible acting, a lot of heart, and a nifty decapitation.” Obscure Cinema 101


555 was reissued on DVD by Massacre Video on October 11, 2016 with the following special features:

  • Reversible Cover Featuring Original Slaughterhouse Entertainment VHS Artwork
  • Interviews with Cast and Crew
  • Rare Still Gallery
  • DVD-Rom of International Press Kit
  • Trailers for Other Massacre Video Titles