REPOSSESSED (1990) Reviews and overview


‘The Devil’s back. But he’s never dealt with an Exorcist like this!’

Repossessed is a 1990 comedy horror film that very belatedly spoofs The Exorcist (1973) and features its original starLinda Blair as well as Leslie Nielsen (Day of the AnimalsDracula: Dead and Loving It), Ned Beatt and Anthony Starke. It was written and directed by Bob Logan. Many gags were based around events in The Exorcist, such as the green-vomit and head-spinning scenes.


Father Jedediah Mayii (Nielsen) casts out the Devil from the body of young Nancy Aglet (Blair). Seventeen years later, in 1990, Nancy’s body is possessed once again, however, while watching “The Ernest and Fanny Miracle Hour”, a religious broadcast.

After a visit to the hospital, and a visit from Father Luke Brophy (Starke), Brophy concludes that Nancy is indeed possessed. Mayii, however, refuses to perform the exorcism, claiming he is too weak, and that both he and Nancy barely survived her previous exorcism.

Brophy then visits the Supreme Council for Exorcism Granting. Ernest and Fanny of “The Ernest and Fanny Miracle Hour” are also present. Ernest concludes that an exorcism is warranted, and convinces the Council to televise Nancy’s exorcism. They agree, believing it will convert millions…


‘You might wonder whether the hilariously over the top projectile vomiting, head-turning scenes of the original actually need any parodying. Perhaps not, but this Airplane! treatment can be surprisingly funny.’ Film4

‘This is not like your Student Bodies horror comedies. Well actually, it is quite like it, but Repossessed takes wackiness to another level, leaving the only horror-ish elements to be the demon controlled Nancy and the exorcism. Nearly everything else is what you would expect: Airplane! comedy (to a much less funny extent) with a silly plot that just tries to move its whole self from scene to scene.’ Oh-the-Horror


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