SADAKO 3D (2012) Overview

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Sadako 3D – original title: 貞子3D – is a 2012 Japanese horror feature film directed by Tsutomu Hanabusa, based on the novel S by the creator of Ring, Koji Suzuki.


A mysterious, white-clad man is seen dropping a long-haired woman into a well. The well is full of women, all with long hair, all dressed in night-dresses.

Thirteen years after the original film, two mysterious suicides – one at a bus station, and the other involving a schoolgirl prompt Detective Koiso (Ryosei Tayama) and his partner to investigate a string of mysterious deaths. The deaths involve video played on devices, with a voice saying “You’re not the one”, just before the deaths.

While Koiso is unconvinced, his partner deduces that the deaths are the result of a cursed video that online artist Kashiwada Seiji (Yusuke Yamamoto). Akane Ayukawa (Satomi Ishihara), teacher of the schoolgirl who died, discovers that the schoolgirl’s best friend Lisa had been looking into the cursed video. It turns out that the video had been deleted but the Error 404 message in its wake prompts the video to play when the viewer is alone. In it Kashiwada says “It’s showtime.” and is seen “committing suicide” by allowing himself to be killed by a mysterious long-haired woman.

When the video ends, Lisa is attacked, with Akane arriving just in time to save her. The mysterious ghost latches on to Akane saying “You are the one.” but Akane screams and the computer is destroyed. Meanwhile Koiso and his partner scout Kashiwada’s apartment, noting the furniture and decorative wallpaper, that it looks artificial (like a set). The landlady notes that everything is superficial.

It is revealed that Akane is a telekinetic and displayed her power years ago when a raving maniac attacked her high school years back. Though she saved the school, she was branded a freak. However a boy is drawn to her and appreciates her abilities. He grows up to be her boyfriend, Takanori Andou (Koji Seto). She soon realises that the video is actually targeted at her when at their home, the video plays and the woman appears.

Takanori and Akane run to the street. However, multiple screens show the woman attacking. Takanori and Akane run to a street, where they believe themselves safe. However, it turns out to be a large LCD display truck where a giant version of the ghost snatches Takanori away…


“Die-hard fans of the Ring franchise will most likely find something to enjoy, even if it just the return of a familiar character and the dozens of large mutant versions of the character that accompany her, but there is little horror, fun or intelligence to be found in Sadako 3D.” Hey U Guys

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