SATAN’S BABY DOLL (1982) Reviews and overview

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‘When the Devil calls, she comes…’
Satan’s Baby Doll is a 1982 Italian horror film directed by Mario Bianchi and is a remake of Malabimba from 1979. The original title is La bimba di satana . The movie was produced by Gabriele Crisanti (Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror; Patrick Still Lives; Giallo a Venezia).

The film features Marina Hedman, Mariangela Giordano, Aldo Sambrell and Jacqueline Dupré. The latter stars as an innocent teenage girl possessed by the wicked spirit of her dead mother; a slain woman who seeks revenge by driving her kin to the edge of sanity.

The daughter and wheelchair-using brother of a dead aristocrat are placed in the care of an evil nun in a remote Italian castle. After becoming possessed by the spirit of her dead mother, the daughter embarks on a rampage of carnality and murder…

“Short on plot but very atmospheric and stylishly shot … It’s relatively short runtime actually helps the film’s pace considerably; given that very little actually happens it doesn’t get a chance to outstay it’s welcome. The score by Nico Catanese is probably the best thing about the film with moments of pounding Euro-rock…” 10k Bullets

“Where Malabimba at least had a few memorable moments, all Baby Doll has going for it is an atmospheric location and Giordano’s eye-popping nude scenes (possibly the best-looking 45-year-old woman to disrobe on-camera). Instantly forgettable and ridiculous to the extreme, there is little entertainment value to be found here.” DVD Drive-In

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“The film is complete tosh, but it is enjoyable tosh … if you want it to make perfect sense then you’re out of luck.” Film 365

” …the old grey, decaying castle interiors make for a marvellously atmospheric setting. They alone give the otherwise poverty-row Satan’s Baby Doll a modicum of visual style. However, aside from a few set-piece scenes when Nico Catanese’s excellent score springs into life and some stylish coloured lighting is employed, this remains a very slapdash and ugly film indeed.” Sex Gore Mutants

” …much of this film doesn’t get the chance to do anything especially outrageous, nothing that you wouldn’t see in any number of softcore flicks anyway, and the overall impression is of a listless mope through uninspired schlock conventions.” The Spinning Image

Cast and characters:
Jaqueline Dupré … Miria Aguilar
Marina Hedman … Maria Aguilar (as Marina Hedmann)
Aldo Sambrell … Antonio Aguilar (as Aldo Sanbrell)
Giuseppe Carbone … Isidro (as Joe Davers)
Giancarlo Del Duca … Doctor Juan Suarez
Alfonso Gaita … Ignazio Aguilar
Mariangela Giordano … Sol (as Mariangela Giordan)

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