MOSQUITO MAN (2005) Reviews and overview


Mosquito Man -
Mosquito Man – aka MosquitoMan and Mansquito – is a 2005 American science fiction horror feature film directed by Tibor Takács (Spiders 3D; Ice Spiders; The Gate). The Sci Fi Pictures production stars Corin Nemec, Musetta Vander and Matt Jordon.

The movie shares many similarities with the 1986 version of The Fly, and was conceived by Ray Cannella, Manager of Program Acquisition for the Sci Fi Channel. He and other two colleagues began producing films for the channel feeling that they could do better than the films they bought from independent producers.



In an attempt to find the cure for a virus that is sweeping through Baltimore, a notorious serial killer is used to human test a viral antidote. This doesn’t prove easy, as a gun battle breaks loose in the lab causing a massive explosion. Covered in radioactive goop designed to cause mutations in mosquitoes, the serial killer escapes and begins a new reign of terror. A terror in a newly mutated form. Mosquitoman is born!

Mansquito 4


Mosquito Man was truly everything I could have wanted from a mutating mosquito man flick. There was a guy, he turned into a giant mosquito, he sucked a lot of blood and there you have it. It even had the traditional hot babe as the concerned scientist. All of the B-movie pieces are here. Mosquito Man is a fine B-flick. Dr Gore’s Movie Reviews

Mosquito Man fails on every level a film possibly can. Obviously a movie that could be described as “The Fly, only it’s a detective movie about a mosquito” can’t aspire for much in the first place, but Mosquito Man is one of those movies that takes itself so seriously it can’t even be considered a B-movie.” Evan Wads, Something AwfulMosquito man dvd

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