SEEDING OF A GHOST (1983) Reviews and overview


Seeding of a Ghost – 种鬼, Zhong Gui is a 1983 Hong Kong horror feature film directed by Chuan Yang and released by Shaw Brothers.


Following the prediction of a dark magician, the unfaithful wife of a Hong Kong cab driver falls victim to a pair of murderous thugs. Outraged, the cabbie arranges supernatural vengeance with the aid of an unholy union between the dead…



“The genius part of Seeding of a Ghost is that it just keeps going, piling outrage upon outrage, grossing you out, making you laugh, getting you to feel all superior and above it so that you’re too distracted to see that it’s really saying something quite persuasively profound.” Arbogast on Film

“Well worth the wait and fully deserving of its infamy, the film is amongst the very best of its kind, and is an absolute must-see, not only for fans of the Shaw Brothers’ brand of gross-out horror but for anyone brave enough to venture into the wild world of extreme exploitation cinema in general.” Beyond Hollywood


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