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The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears – original title: L’étrange couleur des larmes de ton corps – is a 2013 Belgian/French giallo horror thriller by French directors Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani (AmerThe ABCs of Death).

Main cast:

Klaus Tange, Ursula Bedena and Joe Koener.


A woman vanishes. Her husband inquires into the strange circumstances of her disappearance. Did she leave him? Is she dead?  As he goes along searching, he plunges into a world of nightmare and violence…


‘Plot be damned: Cattet and Forzani approach cinema with an incessant desire for experimentation, done towards something like a distillation of giallo to its essence: say what you want about L’Étrange Couleur des larmes de ton corps – brutally violent, it’s probably not for everyone – it’s certainly got the strength of its convictions.’ Mark Peranson, Pardo Live

” … as in the couple’s overrated, similarly themed debut Amer, obfuscation and coffee-table p*rn dominate the technically exquisite games … I was bored to tears (of a prosaic hue). Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard

Strange Colour of Your Body's Tears DVD


“Using a collage soundtrack, gorgeous décor, costume and cinematography, this is a world full of philosophical and criminal mysteries. A mysterious and disorientating blend of giallo violence, cinematic experimentation and Lynchian psycho horror. Revel in its bonkers beauty.” Kim Newman, Empire Magazine

” … it’s almost impossible to tell what’s going on, given the film is nearly all dream sequence, claggy with narrative digressions, flashbacks and freaky visuals … A homage to Italian giallo films of the 1970s (see Dario Argento, Mario Bava) was clearly intended, but at least those movies were entertaining, whereas this is just vacuous, pretentious and nasty.” Leslie Felperin, The Guardian

“Formally experimental, headily disorienting and an aesthete’s wet dream, The Strange Colour of Your Body’s Tears is a schizophrenic blend of arthouse and charnel house.” Anton Bitel, Sight and Sound

Strange Color of Your Body's Tears

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