FACES OF DEATH II (1981) Overview

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‘When make believe is just not enough!’

Faces of Death II aka Faces of Death Part II – is a 1981 American documentary (or shockumentary) film and the first sequel to the 1978 mondo movie Faces of Death.

Like its morbid predecessor, the film was written and directed by John Alan Schwartz (as “Alan Black” and “Conan Le Cilaire” respectively). Schwartz puts in another cameo appearance, this time as the wounded “drug-crazed” criminal in front of a botched drug store robbery. Doctor Francis B. Gröss (portrayed by Michael Carr) again narrates the proceedings.

FACES DEATH 2 SLEEVEThis ‘shockumentary’ film includes footage of a corpse being removed from beneath a pier, an Indian Hindu cremation on the banks of the River Ganges, a third degree burns victim of a West German building inferno, the 1975 Brenner Pass “white blanket of death” avalanche disaster, the tragic aftermaths of aviation and train crashes, an El Salvador guerrilla execution, Napalm atrocities in Vietnam, infant Lebanese victims of an Israeli cluster bomb, the infamous Yucca Flats nuclear test on U.S. troops, animals being butchered and horrific animal lab experiments, PCP drug-induced fatalities, the dangers of toxic pollution and “our war against Nature”, whale and dolphin slaughter, domestic tribal violence in New Guinea, pathology on a cancer victim, a pickled 19th century bandit’s head, the carnage of the Indo-China war, and Liberian government executions.

Some scenes involve an attempt to jump a rocket-powered car over the St. Lawrence River in Canada and land over one mile away in New York. Also featured nearly in its entirety is the 1980 boxing match between Johnny Owen and Lupe Pintor, with Owen being knocked out and later dying from the injuries sustained in the match.

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