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monster island carmen electra
Monster Island is a 2004 made-for-MTV American comedy horror film directed by Jack Perez (Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus; 666: The Child) in the style of 1950s monster movies. It stars Carmen Electra (2-Headed Shark Attack), Daniel Letterle, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (The ThingBlack X-MasAbraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterAdam West (Zombie Nightmare; One Dark Night), C. Ernst Harth, and Chelan Simmons.


High school senior Josh (Letterle) is stunned to find that he has unwittingly won an MTV contest to see Carmen Electra, but it was actually his sister, Jen, who won the contest and she invites everyone they know in their school. Josh and his classmates arrive on an isolated island (which is later revealed to be in the Bermuda Triangle) where they have an enormous party.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

After catching a quick glimpse of a flying ant, Josh and Jen get backstage passes to see Carmen Electra (who is revealed to be a Ramones fan, although their ‘Psychotherapy’ video was ironically banned by MTV in the 80s). Later on, at a concert featuring Carmen, the flying ant grabs her and Eightball, her bodyguard. Josh watches helplessly as the flying ant takes Carmen to a faraway mountain…


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” …while Monster Island is pretty harmless stuff it’s quite a drag. Aimed at an audience who’ve probably never even seen the 50’s movies it’s spoofing, this is packed with purposely cornball effects and smirky humour which for a little while is bearable until you realize the people behind it have absolutely no respect for the movies they’re making fun of and they trot out a lousy finale with giant ants, even bigger fresh fruit, and karate kicking natives.” The Video Graveyard

Adam West as Doctor Harryhausen

“Sadly, despite the potential for a fun teen-oriented sci-fi movie, Monster Island doesn’t really fall under the category of ‘homage’ or ‘good’, but instead is simply a bad movie that utilizes old tools to accomplish visual effects (and that, apparently, passes as ‘homage’ enough). The script is poor, the acting unbelievably bad, although Emmy worthy when compared to productions chummed out by The Asylum.” Ramblings of a Minnesota Geek


Monster Island is a dopey genre flick. Low on budget, skill and all-round talent, it makes up for it in honesty, wit and cheesy charm. It’s clearly targeted at MTV viewers who have no idea what some of the in-jokes and homages to the 50s ‘atomic monster’ films are all about but for those of us who do know, there’s a few smiles to be had. Don’t watch if you’re offended by bad films.”Popcorn Pictures

Cast and characters:

  • Carmen Electra as Herself
  • Daniel Letterle as Josh
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Maddy
  • Adam West as Doctor Harryhausen
  • Chelan Simmons as Jen
  • C. Ernst Harth as Eightball
  • Cascy Beddow as Andy
  • Joe MacLeod as Stack
  • Chris Harrison as Chase
  • Alana Husband as Lil Mindi
  • Jeff Geddis as G.T.
  • Bruce James as Bob Staton
  • Alani Vasquez as Herself
  • Nick Carter as Himself

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