A SHADOW IN THE DARK (1979) Overview


Una Sombra en la Oscuridad (“”) is a 1979 Spanish horror film directed by Argentinian Diego Santillán. The movie stars Javier Illain, Pilar Leonor, Isabel Pisano, Mariano Vidal Molina and Emilio Álvarez.

Saul (Molina) is the master of a small fishing village and all of its inhabitants work under his command. Already a mature man exceeded fifty, Saul lives with his son (Alvarez) and decides it is time to hook up with a female partner to take care of him and his house. He, therefore, proposes marriage to Elena (Pisano), a prostitute he frequents on visits to the city. Elena agrees.

However, due to her new husband’s long absences, Elena strikes up a close physical relationship with his son. Meanwhile, the inevitable gossip begins in the village…

som 2

According to Spanish-language web blog Giallo Malastrana, this thoroughly obscure production aims at suspense but apparently ends up like a cheesy erotic thriller that showcases Isabel Pisano’s body. It has an ending that echoes Tod Browning’s Freaks (1932).

una sombra en la oscuridad

Many thanks to Giallo Malastrana for information and images for this post.