MUTILATIONS (1986) Reviews and overview



Mutilations is a 1986 micro budget American science-fiction horror feature film written and directed by Larry Thomas. The movie stars Al Baker, John Bliss, Bill Buckner and Shelly Creel.

The film was made in Tulsa, Oklahoma in Thomas’ spare time and – bizarrely – it seems to have a religious message. According to Film Bizarro, the entire production – which on the surface seems merely just good genre fun – is based upon the Book of Mormon. Mutilations was released briefly on VHS in the USA by Baron Video but has since seemingly disappeared.


A high school science field trip becomes a nightmare when the pupils are stalked by a giant alien…

Mutilations is truly an awful movie but one that I thoroughly enjoyed because the major faults in the flick are what allowed it to be so entertaining. Be warned, this is not a movie for your flight-by-night b-movie patrons. No. This movie should, I repeat, should only be watched by bad movie veterans, SOV aficionados, or masochists.” Film Bizarro

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